‘My family have known nothing but oppression for many years’ – The plight of a British ex Muslim and his family.


Although the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland does not, unlike the United States, have a written constitution that guarantees religious freedom, there has been, since at least the mid 18th century, a growing movement for religious freedom. Since the Jew Bill of 1753 and the Catholic emancipation brought in to being by the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829, Britain has increasingly been a country that accepts and tolerates members of other faiths which lie outside of the State Anglican communion. This change on the whole has been a good thing and this tolerance is something that I and others have personally benefited from.

But, in modern Britain there is one group that is still subject to religious persecution and it is a persecution that is being assisted by the organs of the state in particular the clerics of the Established Church and some of Britain’s police forces. I speak here of those who choose to leave Islam either for another faith or who wish to give up religion altogether. These poor ex Muslims have to face violence, insult, restrictions on their movements and constant fear and the State is doing very little to protect such people.

The Rebel Media outlet is carrying a harrowing tale of an ex Muslim who has faced nearly two decades of violence from Muslims who object to him and his family leaving Islam. The former Muslim who is now a Christian, Nissar Hussain, said in a video interview with Tommy Robinson of Rebel Media that for the last 17 years he and his family have known nothing but persecution. He has approached the police for protection and it has been refused by the increasingly disgraceful and Islamopandering West Yorkshire police force. He has also been rebuffed by senior Church of England clerics including the current Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby when Mr Hussain approached him for help. Even groups that Mr Hussain said had been set up to help persecuted Christians are Mr Hussain alleges not helping alleviate his distress. The Labour MP Naz Shah is also alleged to have gone out her way to blank Mr Hussain.

Mr Hussain has been subjected to the most appalling abuse and even violent attacks. In one incident Mr Hussain was attacked by a group of Muslims carrying baseball bats and was only saved by the intervention of some Polish neighbours of his who jumped in to defend Mr Hussain. I would at this point like to commend and praise these ‘Polska Walcząca(Fighting Polish) for defending Mr Hussain, but I must say that I’m absolutely disgusted that it took British Poles to step in and defend Mr Hussain, a job that should have been done by the police that we all pay to fund. It’s cases like this that make one ask of the British police ‘which side are you on’? Judging by how Mr Hussain has been treated by the police it seems that West Yorkshire Police at least is not on the side of ordinary decent citizens like Mr Hussain but are on the side of the violent thugs who have attacked him.

The right to freely hold a religious belief and even change ones religious belief is a fundamental freedom that should be upheld in any free society. Unfortunately it seems that neither the police, the legislators nor the Established Church seem to be interested in defending Mr Hussain’s right to believe as he pleases.

Please follow the link below and watch the video interview conducted by Mr Robinson with Mr Hussain. If you believe in freedom and justice I guarantee you will be completely disgusted by the way that Mr Hussain has been treated by those who really should have helped to ensure his safety.