Hamas, yet again showing that they cannot be negotiated with or trusted and instead must be destroyed.

Israeli strike on Hamas. Picture from Reuters dated 08/08/2014

Peace is desirable and peace with security even more so. The great tragedy of the Middle East is that the State of Israel desires peace for all its people, whether they be Jewish, Secular, Christian Druze or Muslim, but the Muslim Arabs do not wish to let them live in peace. The leaders of Muslim Arab nations and political groups, don’t want peace, they only want the destruction of the Jewish state, even if it means expending the lives of civilians who also, like the average Israeli citizen, just wants to be left alone to live in peace.

Despite negotiations in Egypt and a self-imposed cease-fire and withdrawal of ground troops from Gaza by Israel, Hamas are still attacking Israel. Hamas deliberately asked the Israelis for conditions that they knew Israel could not meet. Israel quite rightly doesn’t want to open the borders of Gaza so that the terrorists of Hamas can be resupplied and nor do they want terrorists slipping into Israel in order to attack buses, trains, schools, nurseries and other public facilities. The Israelis would be utterly mad to make such a concession to their enemies. It would be the equivalent of the UK giving refuelling rights in Britain to German ships during World War II. Hamas asked for the moon on a stick for two reasons, firstly to give a reason to carry on fighting and putting their civilians in danger and secondly because their hate-filled ideology of Islam cannot be at peace with those of other beliefs.

Peace is important to both the Israeli people and Government, but it doesn’t seem to be as important to Hamas and its supporters. Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp recently described Hamas on Twitter as having ‘an insatiable lust for killing’. I cannot find anything to disagree with in his statement on Hamas. Hamas love killing as much as the Israelis love and choose life.

The leadership of Hamas have been given more than enough chances to show that they are serious about peace in the region and they have proved faithless. I support the actions of Mr Benjamin Netenyahu in striking back at Hamas, following Hamas’s refusal to extend the cease-fire, in fact backing the civilised nation of Israel against the savages of Hamas should be the default position of all who believe in freedom and justice. There can be no freedom and no justice whether that be for the Arabs who mistakenly supported Hamas or the Jews and others of Israel who have had to endure a daily bombardment of rockets launched from the Jihadist statelet of Gaza. It should also be remembered that Israel is fighting against the same Jihadist enemy that has expelled or killed thousands of Christians and members of other minority communities in Iraq and Syria, and Israel is fighting the same Jihadist enemy that poses such a great threat to us here in the United Kingdom.

The conflict in which Israel has defended itself against aggression from Gaza has to some extent woken up a lot of British people to the extent in which Jihad is a phenomenon that is approved of by a growing number of British Muslims. There have been mass demonstrations by Muslims who hold British passports in London, Preston, and elsewhere, not for genuine peace, but in support of Hamas and other Jihadist organisations. The supporters of Islam and Jihad who have taken to the streets are openly showing their allegiance to organisations that are genocidal and this does not bode well for the future.

Hamas need to be eradicated in order to improve safety and security in the region, even if there are civilian casualties caused by Hamas’s policy of hiding behind women and children. Hamas deserve to be destroyed and their supporters in the United Kingdom need to be made to realise that supporting genocidal fascist organisations like Hamas or ISIS or Hezbollah is not socially acceptable even if our useless police forces turn a blind eye to the growing support for such Jihadists.

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  1. john warren | August 8, 2014 at 1:25 pm |

    Once again, I find myself obliged to agree with you.

    The point should also be made, repeatedly, that if Israel did allow gangs of Muslim monsters to enter their country and hundreds of violent deaths were suffered because of it, they’d then be castigated by the western world for allowing it to happen.

    Israel seems damned no matter what she does. She is lucky however in that she has a very brave, wise, calm and noble leader and she should thank god for it.

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