An every day tale of savage folk but not your everyday love story


Love stories, they used to be quite simple. They were mostly boy meets girl and occasionally boy meets boy or girl meets girl affairs, but they were all recognisable stories of two people meeting, falling in love, branching out as a new couple and maybe eventually even creating a family of their own. That was until Britain got ‘enriched’ by the savages who follow the equally savage ideology of Islam. In this situation according to information released during a court case it has been alleged that the sort of Islamic romances that Britain is getting are not so much boy meets girl but evil stabby bastard meets evil stabby bastard.

The Daily Mail said that Woolwich Crown Court in South East London heard how one of the star crossed Birmingham Islamic lovers Madihah Taheer, bought a training knife and a life sized training dummy in order for her husband Ummariyat Mirza to train for a jihad attack. The couple are alleged to have argued about who out of the pair of them was the biggest jihadist and about how much to spend on a knife with which to kill infidels. Mirza is also alleged to have told Taheer that he would go on a killing spree but only after the couple had gone through an Islamic religious marriage ceremony. The couple how it was their ‘dream’ stab people multiple times and expressed vehement desires to ‘kill kuffar’ or non Muslims.

This less than delightful and probably taxpayer funded pair of Islamic savages are alleged by the prosecution in what to have fantasised about the planned attacks on their chosen targets. These targets included according to Court News, the columnist Katie Hopkins and the Britain First leader Paul Golding.

The Daily Mail added that Taheer is said to have expressed ‘desperation’ to Mirza about travelling to ISIS controlled territory in Iraq or Syria. Taheer is also alleged to have bickered with Mirza about who had become more of an Islamic radical first. They both accused each other of being neophytes in the Jihadist cause. But, according to what I’m reading in the court reports, both of these Islamic death cult members seem equally scummy in their desires to kill and to advance Islam by killing. The husband in this gruesome twosome Ummariyat Mirza has admitted to the court that he took part in preparing for terrorist acts whilst the wife denies a similar charge.

Whatever the outcome of the case against Taheer, whether she is found guilty or not guilty, it opens up a window on what is going on in Islamic families and Islamic communities the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. What is going on is that there are a large number, probably a significant minority of Muslims, if Pew research figures on Islamic radicalism are anything to go by, who are plotting to kill us. In a 2006 survey of Islamic attitudes worldwide Pew found that 15% of Muslims in Britain had some degree of sympathy for Islamic extremists. This is a situation that should no longer be tolerated either by Britain’s people or its government. Without a doubt Taheer and Mirza are not unique, there are probably many other similar couples, families, groups and influential individuals who are fomenting Jihad against non Muslims.

Unfortunately Islamic radicalism does appear to be something the UK government is being all too tolerant about. The government tolerates whole areas becoming Islamic in character even though it is these areas in places like Birmingham and London which are producing scores of Muslims with bad attitudes towards the rest of us. Instead of dealing with an Islamic problem that does not have its root cause in poverty or lack of integration but the violence of the Koran and Hadith themselves the Government instead have instructed our police forces to go after those who point out Britain’s Islamic problems. There have been scores of arrests for ‘hate speech’ against Muslims and Islam including the political candidate Paul Weston being arrested for quoting Winston Churchill’s opinion of Islam. People have been gaoled for criticising high profile Muslims who have infiltrated too much of Britain’s public life and for taking part in protests against the imposition of Islam in their areas. In 2016 British police arrested 3,395 people for what the police termed ‘offensive’ comments and I would hazard a guess that more than a few of these comments may well have been true but unpleasant things said about Islam. Sweep the Islamic savagery under the carpet, pay for Islamic grievance mongers to spin the line that Islam is a victim faith and not an oppressor faith and come down hard on anyone who mentions that the multicultural emperor has no clothes, seems to be the order of the day by Government.

Ordinary seeming Muslims who smile at us and say ‘religion of peace’ to our faces yet plot our deaths when they are alone among their co-religionists, are a problem that needs to be grasped by our political classes. Pretending that these plotters and extremists do not exist or that they are a ‘tiny minority’ or that they are a ‘perversion of a great and peaceful religion’ is stupid and is going to get an increasing number of innocent non Muslims killed.

There may most likely be many more extremist Muslims out there in the UK who are planning on killing non Muslims to coincide with religious festivals like Ramadan or to mark family life cycle events like weddings. It is this attitude that violence is a sacrament what marks Islam out as being different from other faiths, even faiths that may look odd or strange to Western eyes. Members of other faiths might have a party or a religious gathering or special food to mark a birth a death or a religious festival. These other faiths do not look on murdering those outside of their faith as something praiseworthy but all too often Muslims, acting on the inspiration of the Koran and the Hadith, do that and do love violence. Plotting murder to celebrate a wedding or some other event shows us just how incompatible Islam is with civilised societies. This difference between Islam and more peaceful beliefs shows why it is so urgent that those involved in Government start to take a realistic view of Islam and not smother themselves with comforting lies such as the words ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.