This machine kills murderous theological fascists. Sadly we can’t say the same about our appeasing political class.

Like Woody Guthrie's guitar, this L115 sniper rifle kills fascists, this time of the ISIS kind

I’ve been somewhat out of the loop regarding news recently and have been forced to rely for information on the output of the BBC, therefore due to this reliance on the Beeb, I have been told sod all recently about what is going on in the world. Because of being force fed the BBC, I am having to spend time catching up with stuff that is being said outside of the BBC’s fake news output. To be stuck in a car driving hundreds of miles per week and only having the lack of choice that BBC’s speech radio output gave me, made me truly understand what is like to be a mushroom. I feel I’ve kept in the dark by the BBC and fed continual leftist bullshit about Brexit, Islam, multiculturalism, gender politics, the EU, world affairs and President Trump. This experience of being force fed the BBC biased speech output made me wish that there was a conservative leaning shortwave station operating outside of British territorial jurisdiction that I could have chosen to listen to instead. Having an alternative to the BBC would make the aggro of fitting a shortwave receiver in the car worthwhile. Sadly there isn’t a widely receivable alternative to the BBC and I was stuck with the Islamopandering, race baiting and middle class Leftist whining that made up a large part of the BBC output that I listened to.

Whilst catching up with what is going on in the world, one story in particular caught my eye this morning and it is is from October 15th of this year. It concerns the actions of one of the greatest special forces groups in the world, Britain’s Special Air Service or SAS. According to a report in the UK Daily Express, a group of ISIS savages were preparing to kill members of a Christian family near the Iraqi city of Mosul when they were spotted by passing SAS patrol. The SAS then set up a sniper nest equipped with high power L115 sniper rifles. While Islamic savages were holding knives to the throats of a Christian father and son who were refusing to convert to Islam, the sniper fired and killed the two knifemen. The SAS then went on to kill more of the Islamic savage murderers who had come to reinforce the original bunch of killers who had been taken down by British forces.

Although I try to treat every life as being valuable, I find that I have to make an exception for the murdering savages of the type killed by the SAS. Taking down such murderous individuals is justifiable, because if they had been left alive, they would have taken the lives of many more innocents including Christians, than they had already done. We should have nothing but praise for the British and other anti-ISIS forces who, by killing the right people on the enemy side, have made the lives of Christians, other religious minorities and ex-Muslims so much better.

Many people would agree that it is right and proper that a professional military are killing these murderous Islamic savages, to prevent them from engaging in mass murder and keeping them from coming to the UK and endangering Britons. Maddeningly, showing a complete derogation of common sense and lack of any respect for the rights and lives of the majority of Britons; UK politicians and their advisers are confident that those jihadis who are returning to the UK from fighting for ISIS can and should be ‘reintegrated’ into British society. The politicians and government advisers, many of whom are inveterate Islamopanderers, or who appear to have a naïve view of Islam, or who work within Government departments that have become infiltrated and overly influenced by Islamic interests, have taken complete leave of their senses over this issue. According to the Breitbart news website Max Hill QC, the Government’s Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, has said that there are those who may have travelled to ISIS-controlled territory ‘naively’, who should be ‘diverted’ away from the courts.

Although I can appreciate, out of a sense of justice, that all these returnees should be dealt with on a case by case basis, I have very little confidence in the government only applying this ‘diversion from the courts’ or ‘reduced sentence’ policy to individuals such as medics who may have gone out there and found they had bitten off more than they could chew. Such people, who were stupid and who didn’t take part in any fighting, maybe should be treated differently from the headchoppers. However, does anyone out there really really trust Theresa May’s government or Amber Rudd’s Islam-penetrated Home Office only to give what should be a very rare ‘diversion from the courts’ to those to whom it could reasonably be applied? I suspect that this policy will end up being much more widely applied than it should be, that’s if there should be any ‘diversion from the courts’ in the first place. I would be completely unsurprised to find that this ‘diversion’ policy will end up being applied to some of the worst of the worst, when it comes to Islamic savages who have fought for one of the most bestial Islamic terror groups the modern world has ever seen.

These two stories, the righteous removal from this earth of murderous savages on the battlefield and the supine, appeasing policies suggested as an option by Max Hill QC, sum up all that is wrong today with British politics and the current government’s ineffective way of dealing with the threat of Islam. We have the lunatic situation where we have highly trained and respected British troops taking out threats to innocent people, while the political class that rules over Britain is happily welcoming back Muslim fighters while it is almost inevitable that those people are going to pose a future security threat to Britain and Britons.

Those who pulled the trigger on the knife-wielding savages of ISIS did their duty and removed from this planet a goodly number of dangerous enemies not just of ordinary Syrians or Iraqis, but also enemies of us. Those who are actively facilitating the entry of these violent savages back into the UK are doing the complete opposite of what the SAS did, they are assisting enemies that want to kill your family and mine. There needs to be an end to the monstrous dichotomy that the SAS and returning Jihadi stories represent. We cannot continue with our troops killing the enemy and our politicians rolling out the welcome mat for those who have fought for this enemy.


Daily Express story about the SAS taking out some of the violent Islamic savages of ISIS

Breitbart article about Government plans to ‘divert’ returning jihadis away from the courts

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  1. And there is, apparently, a shocking-but-not-surprising double-standard for people like Kimmie Taylor (who joined the YPJ against ISIS), and Josh Walker (who joined the YPG for the same reason). Josh’s trial is due later this month. This brown-nosing of religious supremacist jihadis and snotty cruelty toward their opposition is beyond disgusting.

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