Muslim who alleged she was attacked in New York by Trump supporters admits she lied.

Yasmin Seweid the Muslim woman who has admitted to a US court that she lied about an alleged 'Islamophobic' attack


One of the major problem with taking seriously the alleged ‘Islamophobic’ crimes that are reported is their provenance. All too often the incidents that occur are very minor ones, such as being shouted at in the street rather than being actually physically attacked. These alleged incidents are then dishonestly talked up into seeming as something more serious than they are by various Islamic grievance mongers, such as Britain’s Tell Mama. However in other cases of alleged ‘Islamophobic’ crime the allegations turn out to be completely and utterly false.

Coming into the demonstrably false category of alleged ‘Islamophobic’ incidents is the case of the Muslim girl who claimed that she was attacked on the New York Subway system by a group of Donald Trump supporters in early December 2016. The complainant in this alleged but provably fake attack, Yasmin Seweid, has admitted to a US court that she lied about the incident.

The US conservative leaning publication ‘The Daily Wire’ is carrying coverage of this case which garnered a large amount of publicity from those groups who wanted to push their false idea that Muslim Americans were at risk because of the election of Donald Trump.

The Daily Wire said:

On Friday, Yasmin Seweid, 19, the Muslim college student at Baruch College who lied to police, telling them she had been harassed on the New York subway by white men who attempted to seize her hijab, pleaded guilty to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct.

Seweid had claimed the incident occurred on the No. 6 train on Dec. 1, 2016. She told The New York Daily News that three drunk white men screamed “Donald Trump!” and hurled anti-Islam slurs at her, then tried to rip her hijab off of her head. She stated, “I heard them say something very loudly, something about Donald Trump … I also heard them say the word terrorist and I sort of got a little scared.” She added that they said, “Oh look, a (expletive) terrorist … Get the hell out of the country! You don’t belong here!” She said when she tried to ignore them, they pulled on her bag to get her attention and the strap broke. “That’s when I turned around and said ‘can you please leave me alone,’ and they started laughing,” she said.

Seweid continued to tell her story to the press and others. She used her fifteen minutes of fame as an ‘Islamophobia victim’ to lambast President Trump, until she went missing a short while after the alleged incident. Ms Seweid was eventually found and her story was examined by the police it was found to be completely false.

The Daily Wire added:

Seweid was arrested on December 14 on charges of filing a false report and obstructing governmental administration. Police sources stated Seweid lied because she didn’t want to get in trouble for breaking her curfew after being out late drinking with friends.

In court, Seweid wrote an apology that was read by the prosecutor that read, “I was stupid. I plan to continue to find ways to better myself.” She had already stated that she wasted police resources when she made the claim, which she made because she had missed her family’s curfew.

Seweid must take six months of counseling and complete three days of community service.

This looks like a very lenient sentence bearing in mind that the effect that Seweid’s lies had around the world. However this defendant is very young and it looks as if she may have lied in order to protect herself from familial trouble so there may be legitimate reasons why the defendant got such a lenient sentence. This fake incident was used by a number of Islamic and leftist organisations to promote the false idea of Islamic victimhood and Ms Seweid’s lies have not only embarrassed Ms Seweid herself, but have also embarrassed all those organisations that took her words on trust.

There are many people who would be more sympathetic to claims of innocent Muslims being victimised because of their faith were it not for the multitude of cases just like this one where a Muslim complainant lies outrageously to the police, the public and the press. I wonder how many other Islamic victimisation cases that have been given a similar high profile to that of Ms Seweid’s case are also as fake as this one? My guess is that a significant minority of them are less than rooted in the truth than they should have been.