Ten minor attacks do not a Pogrom make.

The map of anti Islamic attacks in the UK looks nothing like this map of the murderous Pogroms that occured in pre-revolutionary Russia

I had a look at one of the Islamic outfits that monitor alleged anti Islamic crime earlier, to see just what these entities are saying about the regrettable alleged attacks on Islamic individuals and property. What I found on a map linked to by Tell Mama, a group that supposedly monitors anti-Islamic attacks, surprised me a lot.

I expected, because of the media hysteria surrounding attacks on mosques, that I would see a map filled with ‘pins’ indentifying locations where attacks have taken place. What I found instead was a map that had only ten pins on it. Ten relatively minor attacks does not a mass Pogrom make, and this should be borne in mind by those getting updates via mainstream news outlets. There is no way these very small number of attacks should be compared with things like the Armenian genocide (carried out by Muslims) or the Pogroms carried out (by Tsarist forces) against the Jews in pre-revolutionary Russia.

Although physical attacks on Islamic property are not right, it is wrong for Tell Mama and other similar organisations to claim, for example, that a road rage incident where someone shouted abuse at a hijabed woman, or similar low-level verbal abuse is comparable with other historical attacks on minorities. Although there does seem to be a connection between the Islamic murder in Woolwich and the righteous anger people feel about it, these attacks are, at this time, definitely NOT as bad as groups like Tell Mama are making them out to be. It seems that the Muslim professional ‘offence takers’ are doing what they normally do, which is taking offence.

One thing that these groups, and indeed individual Muslims, should do is try to think just why there is anti-Muslim sentiment. They should do something real about the problems that Islam undoubtably both has, and causes, and not just mouth platitudes and whine about how hard-done-by they are. No sensible or responsible person wants Pogroms against Muslims (or anyone else) or their property, but Tell Mama and others are talking up a problem which is relatively small when put in the context of both the whole population of the UK and the number of Muslims living here.

Lets put things in a proper context and realise that the truth of these matters is very different from the statements of those, like Tell Mama, who have a distinct political agenda.


Kishniev Pogrom against Jews


Armenian Genocide


Map of alleged attacks on Islamic property and persons following the Islamic attack on a soldier in Woolwich, South East London


Tell Mama, the Islamic whinefest and ‘hate crime’ reporting outfit



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