Bearded Savage of the Week

I had a look around the web and sadly I realised that I was spoilt for choice when it came to bearded savages from all paths in life. This week instead of just a single bearded savage or a group of bearded savages, I’ve managed to find an entire country in thrall to bearded savages. Ladeeez an gennulmen I give you Pakistan, not only a failed apartheid state, that hosted Osama bin Ladan but one with nuclear weapons. You’ve just got to feel for the minorities there and those who just want a secular state and to just earn a crust. What must life be like for them?

However and sadly much closer to home we have this charmer speaking about non muslim women and referring to them as Shaytan (satan). Lovely fella just the sort of bloke you want as a son in law (not).

Yusuf Estes the guy in the from the above link is allegedly a follower of Abdurraham Green an especially nasty Islamist fascist.

Hat tip to Islamic Far Right in Britain

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  1. You’d better make that ‘BSOTD’,,, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. JuliaM, sadly you are correct it could quite easily be Bearded Savage of the Day. After all daily attacks by bearded savages is what the poor Copts are going through in Egypt at the moment. The short film The Passion of the Copts is harrowing watching but gives a small inkling of the pogrom they are going through. (there will be a post on this subject later).

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