What’s missing from the BBC soap opera ‘Eastenders’?

I had the misfortune to recently have to visit East/North-East London, and over many visits and much association with the area,  have sadly seen how bearded savagery has taken hold there. Formerly mixed areas are now completely Islamised and in areas like Tower Hamlets, Upton Park and Walthamstow it would be possible for a Muslim to live their life untroubled by contact with a non muslim. In those areas you could live in a complete Muslim bubble where your only contact with the non Muslim world would be the dole office or the local authority housing office.

I’ve noticed on ‘Eastenders’ that there are ways that the BBC portray the area of East London which are completely false.

Some of these are:


There are no ‘Shariah Law Enforced’ stickers on lamposts

There is a complete lack of women in complete Islamic body covering

The Gay Muslim character would probably been killed, maimed or driven out by the local bearded savages

There are no male bearded savages wandering round in the middle of the day (which probably means we are paying for them) dressed in islamic garb

There are no Dawa merchants (Islamic evangelists) setting up their tables in the Eastenders High Street as opposed to Wood Green High Road in real life

There are no Shariah Courts

Islamic women can speak freely

The main Muslim characters have jobs.

Nobody is worried about Islamic Grooming Gangs

None of the white/black characters are worried about what bearded savages are doing to their area

The local vicar can walk around freely without fear of verbal abuse or physical attack

Memorials are not vandalised with Jihadist or Islamic supremicist slogans

The beaded savages haven’t corrupted Walford Council

There are no Afghan ‘refugees’ swanning round in Mercedes

There is a non Halal butcher

Everyone chooses to speak English

None of the black/white characters ever get angry at how their local authority panders to bearded savages.

A bearded (or in this case hijabed) savage hasn’t tried to murder the Walford MP

The local council doesn’t put out constant propaganda that says ‘Enjoy your enforced diversity – or else!’


When other groups came from overseas to East London they worked hard, started businesses, contributed, built the local economy and became loyal British citizens. What a contrast to the behaviour of the Bearded Savages who seem to have continually taken but put very little back.





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  1. young girl gets culturally enriched

    • Plaistow used to be a reasonable place before bearded savagery arrived.

      Barking has really suffered from bearded savages dragging down the quality of life on their way back to the 7th century.

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