Is this really a job for SO15, the Metropolitan Police’s anti-terror unit, or is it overkill?

The Metropolitan Police – Working for an Islamic master, not the general public.


A joker has upset a whole load of Bearded Savages by sending a DVD containing what has been described by the police and the BBC as ‘hard core Nazi porn’.  This porn, which contains a strong anti Islamic element to various Islamic groups and mosques in the UK.

The newspaper the International Business Times said:

Terror police are investigating a DVD featuring Nazi propaganda and hardcore pornography which was sent to mosques and Muslim centres in London and around the UK.

Some clips of the footage which are intended to cause alarm and offence are included in the video above, but most scenes are simply too graphic to show.

Disturbing footage shows a fake skull crawling with rodents, worms and insects. The phrase “Prophet Mohamed” is scrawled on the forehead. At the foot of the skull is an offensive slogan written on paper.

Also on the hour-long film named ‘The Finale’ are graphic depictions of sex acts and footage portraying Muslims as bloodthirsty. Adolf Hitler features at the end of the video.

Copies of the DVD were posted to the Muslim Council of Britain, as well as Islamic centres in Walthamstow and Acton in London. They were addressed to “His Immaculate Holiness, the Divine Prophet”, a respectful greeting which masked the actual content.”

A still from the DVD sent to Islamic groups

Now the use of the honourific for the false prophet Mohammed shows that whoever put this together knew a considerable amount about Islam and how Muslims like to describe their false prophet.

It will make many people laugh to hear that the offended Muslims are upset that Muslims are being portrayed as ‘bloodthirsty’. Now to call Islam bloodthirsty isn’t an insult it is the truth, what can possibly be objectionable about that? After all this years Ramadan Bomb-and-murder-athon has managed to clock up up a total of over 1600 dead bodies, It is very fair to say that Islam is bloodthirsty, a quick Google search will show that Islam kills and kills in huge numbers compared to the followers of other beliefs.

The main problem I have with this story is the calling in of SO15, the Met Poliice’s specialist anti Terror squad, which to many peoples minds would be considered as overkill. Finding out who sent a few prank DVD’s doesn’t need the skills or expertise of SO15. Such an offence could be just as effectively dealt with by normal detectives and uniform staff.

So it looks like the Met is pandering to Muslims yet again by bringing out the ‘big guns’ when they are patently not needed. It is possible that SO15 was brought into this case purely to show the Bearded Savages that their whines about being offended were being taken seriously. It would be interesting to say the least to see if SO15 are brought in when Churches, Synagogues and other non-Muslim religious organisations are attacked by Muslims. Personally I think such a thing would be highly unlikely. The police only really turn out for the savages and not for anyone else.

At this time we don’t know the content of this film in any great detail and we only have the word of the Met Police via journalists as to what the film contains. An online search for the film has not shown up anything that meets the description given of the DVD and I’d be grateful if anyone does have a copy if they could contact this blog so that eyes other than those of the complainants and the police can have a chance to make their minds up about it. Provided that the film doesn’t contain illegal pornography or credible threats to kill, then I can’t see what is wrong with letting people see it and make up their own minds.

This case could be an example of a creative, non violent and non-online (therefore less traceable) way of putting the wind up the bearded savages, but equally the idea that Muslims may have done this to themselves to gain sympathy must not be discounted.  In any event, calling in the top anti-terror bods for a load of rubbish like this is really total overkill.  It is truly taking a sledgehammer to crack a very small nut.


International Business Times

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