Immigration is like yeast

To make bread rise in most standard recipes there is the requirement to add yeast. Not too little, not too much. Too little yeast and you will not have a properly rising loaf and too much will result in a bad tasting loaf with cracks and fissures

Like yeast and bread so with immigration and the UK. Britain has been helped immensely in the past by groups coming to the UK and bringing new skills, new industries, new ideas and sometimes, like the Polish Free Forcesof WWII, a lifeline in time of need. Immigration, in the right amounts and of the right type and at the right time has built from scratch or improved Britain’s chemical, fashion, entertainment, retail, engineering and financial services industries. That to my mind is good immigration, where Britain benefits and also the immigrant benefits.

Sadly much of the immigration that happened during the Labour years of misrule was the sort of immigration that hasn’t aided our nation, Labour seemed to think that if you flood the ‘national bread dough’ with a random sack of yeast then an open and tolerant society will miraculously come about.

Whoever in the Labour party who thought up THAT idea must have been on some seriously powerful psychedelic drugs.

Sadly Labour were misguided, to think that if you let in tens of thousands of members of groups that are not sympathetic to ideas of freedom, justice and democracy, then that wouldn’t affect society and politics in the UK.

Labour’s policy of mass immigration hasn’t in the main brought in high achieving, motivated hard-working immigrants to start new industries. Its policy brought in hundreds of thousands of people to do low skill or medium skill jobs that could and should have been done by our own citizens, often because our own people had been failed by an education system, that appears to leave too many barely qualified for pushing a broom round. We have fewer plumbers and other technicians because too many education secretaries believed their civil servants when they said that media studies was more important than metalwork. Semi skilled immigration was the sticking plaster to hide the pustular sore that is Britain’s failed education system.

Labour’s mass immigration policies didn’t only extend to importing people to do the jobs that our useless child centred education system failed to prepare people for, Labour’s actions in Government also allowed in far too many of those who belong to destructive, aggressive and violent cultures such as Islam.

It was only after the appalling attacks on London on the 7th July 2005, that the Labour Government woke up and started to consider the question ‘Hey, there are ‘British’ Muslims who want to kill us’. Sadly, as has been seen Labour’s policy of allowing ‘non violent jihadists’ and ‘non violent Islamic extremists’ to stop Islamic extremism hasn’t exactly worked and too many of the followers of Islam in the UK still seem far too attached to violence, aggression and arrogance, the Islamist beast has not been tamed, only temporarily bought off (with your money I might add).

The Government’s of Blair and Brown presided over an immigration system that appeared to consist of nothing more than propping open the door to the nation to a tidal wave of wrong’uns and encouraging the growth of hostile ghettos, isolated by the misguided policy of multiculturalism, from the rest of the population and often not even subject to the same laws. That is a situation that is unprecedented in British history. In the past, even when differing religious customs have been tolerated by the state, the state would never have tolerated for example, the mass grooming of under-age girls by gangs made up of mostly of members of one particular communal or confessional group.

Labour could have chosen, after the handover of Hong Kong to China, to let in people like the industrious Hong Kong Chinese who would have benefited our society and economy immensely, or given refuge to Iranian Christians and Jews? Instead Labour chose to let in hoards of those who wish to do no more than sponge off of welfare whilst often simultaneously calling for the UK to be destroyed. Those who for decades paid into the welfare state in expectation of help when they needed it, have seen resources that they contributed, spent on those who not only don’t contribute but who are antagonistic to our values as a society. This to me is not justice.

At election time whether it be a General Election, a Euro Parliamentary election or even an election for a local or parish councillor, remember what the Labour Party did to our nation and our society, and think before you vote for them.

The Labour Party allowed in, and gave succour to, the aggressive Islamic Fifth Column that is causing so much trouble in this nation at the moment, therefore a vote for a Labour candidate is not a vote for a pro working class party, it is a vote for treason. A vote for Labour is anti working class.

Labour threw too much yeast in the national loaf and still cannot see, acknowledge or apologise for the mess that has occurred because of what they did to this country with their immigration policies.




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  1. The main reason for importing welfare dependent savages was to prop up support for labour.
    The consequences are increased welfare bills, higher crime rates, and a country full of vermin

  2. Robert the Biker | December 12, 2012 at 11:08 am |

    We could also have let in the White South Africans and Rhodesians, but dat bees rayciss innit.
    It is not so much that we have a high proportion of black and islamic immigrants, but that we have to a large extent gotten the very dregs of these societies.

  3. Noggin the Nog | December 12, 2012 at 3:41 pm |

    No Christians in Somalia?

    Is it Iranians that tickle your fancy, or Christians?

    • I think all the Somali Christians fled across the border into neighbouring countries.

      I don’t just care for Iranians or Christians but Iran Christians are an example of a group of people that morally should be helped but are often not.

      In bearded savage cultures, you do not want to be a Christian. It’s dangerous.

  4. I am reminded of that timeless comment in the first Matrix film : “Humanity is like a virus. It multiples indiscriminately and destroys everything it touches.” How true.

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