From elsewhere: The Islamic slave trade is alive and well in Syria and Iraq.

Customers at a slave market run by ISIS

There is a truly shocking article that was recently published on the Brietbart website. In it women and girls who have escaped from ISIS sex slavery tell a little of what has happened to them and to other women. Even this small amount of new data about what ISIS are doing chills the blood and this information should be required reading for all those who live and work in the ‘diversity’ bubble in the hope that it helps to convince them that Islam is not a religion of peace, nor of justice.

ISIS has brought to Iraq and Syria things such as ‘selections’ to determine who lives, dies or is forced into labour or sex slavery, mass murder of those of a different faith, and a whole host of other evils that the free world said ‘never again’ to in 1945. ISIS are as monomaniac as the deluded followers of the great and terrible 20th Century dictators and it is only lack of resources and the fact that non-Muslims and others are fighting back against them, that prevents ISIS from turning mass murder into industrialised murder.

I could not read the article without burning with anger about what ISIS are doing in Syria and Iraq, and fearful that such horrors could come to our own shores. Here’s some excerpts from the Brietbart article on ISIS slavery:

The trade of sexual slaves within the Islamic State is increasingly sophisticated, with girls snatched from their families by gangs before being sent to ‘sorting centres’ to be graded, in a similar fashion to farm animals, before being sold or given to soldiers as prizes. The price of the girls is apparently determined at these centres according to their age and level of education, and they are sold at especially established slave markets regulated by the Islamic State. “

Today it is ISIS slave markets, tomorrow we could be looking at ISIS death camps. There appears to be no level of depravity too low for these particular followers of Islam to descend to. There is also a commonality between ISIS capturing, enslaving and selling women and the Muslim Rape Gangs that are so troubling the United Kingdom and the common factor between these two phenomena is the ideology of Islam. Islam hatred for non-Muslims, Islamic misogyny and a lack of respect for non-Muslim lives, links the rape gangs of Britain and the slavers of ISIS. It’s all Islam and we should never forget that fact.

The Islamic savages of ISIS even follow their ‘pervert prophet’ to such an extent that they emulate him by having no restrictions on paedophilia. Brietbart added:

The girls are even sold with conditions of use, including instructions on the circumstances under which it is permissible to sleep with girls who haven’t hit puberty, and how to punish purchased concubines. The document read “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse”.

Highlighting the fact that ISIS are driven by ideology and not race is the fact that white skinned violent Islamic perverts, including two allegedly from Australia, are also partaking of the products of the ISIS slave markets.

When given as prizes, the girls, who are often taken from Iraq’s beleaguered Yazidi community, are not limited to local fighters. The Times reports the case of one group of girls who escaped captivity and spoke of being used by two Australian brothers who had gone to the Islamic State to fight. They reported that the brothers were ethnic Europeans, white skinned and blonde haired Australians who had converted to Islam and were now taking part in the same carnal pleasure as their fellow fighters.

One of the most worrying parts of this article was that ordinary Sunni Muslims, who had lived alongside Yazidi’s for generations, did not defend those people from oppression, but instead joined ISIS, without prompting or coercion, and helped to enslave or oppress their neighbours and their neighbours children. This bodes very ill for Western countries that have significant Islamic minorities, because we now know, from this and other examples from Iraq and Syria, that if the chips were down and we and our children were being threatened by Islamic attackers, that there is a credible likelihood that our Muslims would side not with us, but with the armies of Islam.

ISIS and groups like it are not practising a perversion of Islam as many of the taqiyya artists in Western Islamic communities keep telling us, but are following Islam in all its gory and oppressive entirety. We should not forget that fact, ever.


Original story from Brietbart

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  1. English...not many of us left. | December 23, 2014 at 1:43 pm |

    The spawn of Satan, and plenty of apologists for them in
    this corner of the civilised world for sure.
    There are none so blind as those who will not see.
    Perhaps when they are one their knees, and some exploding
    beard is stood behind them them with a knife at their throat,
    the scales will fall from their eyes. A bit late then though!

  2. Mustapha Shiite | December 29, 2014 at 12:10 am |

    Strangely, “Dhimmi Dave” and the rest of the leeches in parliament are ever so quiet on this disturbing issue. The question is, why are they so intent on putting a cloak of silence around Islam? History will judge them all in the end, and it will not be good for many a limp wristed politically correct numpty.

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