Could William Hague be made to sing along to some unpleasant tunes?

Sometimes I look at Her Majesties Foreign and Commonwealth Office with a sense of utter despair that an organisation can contain so much brains but produce such poor policies.

Here is an organisation, allegedly packed to the gunnels with the cream of British talent, pre-eminent in their knowledge of world affairs, but which stupidly continues to follow the pro-Arab/pro Islamic world policies, that have got HM FCO scornfully nicknamed ‘The Camel Corp.’

Sadly this collection of brilliant minds sitting in King Charles Street has come up with policies towards Syria that are liable to contain a lot of medium term and long-term negative bounce back for the United Kingdom*.

If you have no more than a passing interest in the contents of newspapers and broadcast media or you have just done a web search for ‘William Hague’ or ‘Syria’ you cannot fail to have noticed the stream of support emanating from Mr Hague, the Foreign Secretary, and his department for the rebels in Syria.

Now I’m not saying that the Assad Govt was a nice regime to live under, far from it, but the sort of Government that is liable to be installed by the Syrian rebels is like as not to have an Islamist flavour. This is not a situation that benefits anyone apart from the aggressive Islamists. An islamic government in Syria would not replace dictatorship with freedom but just impose another type of dictatorship.

Those of us who observe the machinations of the Islamic world or who see the Arab Spring being replaced by an Islamic Winter, see those who fight under the cry of ‘Allah huAkbar’ as part of the future problems of the Arab countries post revolts, and not their solution. Those who fight under war cry of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ possess similar political and social views to those who in the a previous world conflict marched to war singing the Horst Wessell Lied. Why then are Hague and the FCO backing such an entity?

What were Hague and the FCO thinking when they recognised the Syrian Rebels as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people, haven’t they seen what happened in Libya and Egypt? Does the FCO even realise that there are British Islamic jihadis in Syria fighting against the Assad regime? Doesn’t the FCO (and the Home Office) consider what will happen when these jihadi’s, pumped up with Islamic religious nuttery and with military success, come back to the UK?

Every time I read one of the FCO’s / William Hague’s pronouncements on Syria I get more and more worried. I worry that Britain may have found themselves backing the very forces that will eventually turn their guns onto Britain itself and Britain’s democratic allies.

I’m sure that Mr Hague would never sing the Horst Wessel Lied even in jest (besides can you imagine him in Lederhosen? I can’t), but he must be careful that he doesn’t find himself singing along politically to other music, the music of Islamism and Shariah Law, that is often just a shallow remix, of the fascistic marching tunes of times long past.



..and which also sadly seem to be being followed by the Obama administration in the USA.

Note II

For those who don’t know, the Horst Wessel Lied was a notorious Nazi anthem. I will not link to any audio files for this song for many reasons but here is the Wiki entry on the HWL.

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  1. Noggin the Nog | December 13, 2012 at 7:03 am |

    Hague is a nasty little homo who should be hanged for yreason, along with a whole load more.

    PS Gunwale. Gunnel was that runner with the big snout.

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