‘British Neville Chamberlain’ award nomination for February, Councillors Patrick Kitterick and Dr Lyn Moore of Leicester City Council.

'I looked from Labour Councillor to Jihadist and from Jihadist to Labour Councillor and I found I could not tell the difference'  With apologies to George Orwell

Councillor Patrick Kitterick of Leicester City Council – appeaser of Islam

Councillor Dr Lyn Moore, of Leicester City Council, appeaser of Islam


“I looked from Labour Councillor to stinking Jihadist, and from stinking Jihadist to Labour Councillor and found that I now could not tell the difference”

With apologies to George Orwell for the adapted quote from Animal Farm


I’ve written before about the worrying closeness between the Labour Party and various Islamic groups and causes. Here sadly is another one which shows just how active Labour councillors are in supporting Islamic projects and causes, even when there are objections from local residents. Councillor Patrick Kitterick who is Leicester city council’s planning committee chairman, approved a mosque, which would have a 60 foot Minaret, on the site of a demolished pub.

This case has the lot, possibly dodgy Labour planning decision making, Islamic liars with an unremarkable trust name saying ‘but our centre will be for everyone’. Like hell it will. Does anybody think that will happen? I certainly don’t. It is highly unlikely that they will be sharing their building with the local Jews or Christians for example.

This case also has another councillor Dr Lyn Moore, also Labour, and on the planning committee, idiotically cheer leading for the mosque who said:”we should be building more holy places dedicated to prayer”. That’s a fine attitude if you were talking about the religious centres for peaceful religions, but she is not talking about a peaceful religion, she is talking about Islam, an ideology that is anything but peaceful.

Councillor Kitterick, ignored 33 objections from local residents to the idea of this Islamic indoctrination centre being built in their area and backed the mosque plans from an Islamic promotion outfit with the innocuous and non-Islamic sounding name of the “Goodwood Community and Education Trust “. The name of the Trust makes me wonder if this is a new tactic from Islamic groups, using a non Islamic name in their title so that searches on local authority planning data for mosque plans by anti Jihad activists do not show up as easily. It is certainly a suspiciously innocuous choice of name.

What a prime example of appeasing ‘Nevilles’ we have in these two councillors from Leicester. Councillor Kitterick who appears to be far too enthusiastic about an Islamic ideology that is rapidly being seen as a problem for Britain, and Councillor Moore who believes that by encouraging intolerant Islam she will be helping ‘diversity’.

Councillors Kitterick and Moore, by your appeasement of this Islamic group, you have earned the ignominy of being nominated for the February 2013 round of our ‘Neville Chamberlain of the Month’ competition. That is an accolade that you both should be deeply ashamed of.

Those who are angered by this appeasement, especially those from Leicester itself, should write polite missives to these councillors to tell them that you are unhappy with such appeasement and collusion with Islam.



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4 Comments on "‘British Neville Chamberlain’ award nomination for February, Councillors Patrick Kitterick and Dr Lyn Moore of Leicester City Council."

  1. Maybe we should take the taqiya at face value,what would the islamists do if 50 or 60 burly men, all professing to be devout Christians turned up on the doorstep on Sunday morning demanding to use the prayer room for a Christian service?

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 26, 2013 at 6:17 pm |

      Nice one. Seriously though, I’ve never seen such blatant appeasement of Islam that what is coming from members of the Labour party. Truly by their actions they are being seen as no longer representing the working classes, they have become The Islamic Party. I used to be a Labour voter but never ever again.

  2. Thankfully I think most white people,at least those outside the lefty multi culti mindset(folks who live in the real world) have already realised that liebour doesnt give a damn about them if they can get the muslim vote who they obviously see as the future,talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.
    Fucking idiots who will drag us all to destruction if we dont stop them.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 26, 2013 at 7:19 pm |

      It’s not just white people who see the threat from Islam, just ask a Christian Nigerian about the awful despicable violence that Islam has brought to that country. Maybe some of these multikulti idiots should speak to black and brown Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus among others, their opinion of Islam.

      Agreed that Labour is appeasing Islamic groups for short term electoral gain but like the Left wingers who helped the Iranian Mullahs get rid of the Shah, they will find that these Labourites will rapidly turn from being valued political allies, into being prey.

      Labour have turned from a party of working class representation into active traitors.

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