From Elsewhere: The political Left, searching for excuses for Islamic terror.

The Commentator carries a round-up of some of the pronouncements by leading left-wingers following on from the Woolwich Islamic atrocity.

The Commentator said:

“There is one phrase that has stood out for me over the last few days. One jarring, horrible sentence that betrays the warped mindset of many on the Left when it comes to Islamic extremism: “What happened on Wednesday was terrible, but…”

We have heard it, and its variations, from almost all of the usual suspects since the Woolwich terror attack. Ken Livingstone gave a long condemnation of the terrorists on Friday, only to try to blame Tony Blair and the Iraq War for what happened. 

Glenn Greenwald, very careful to thrust the words “horrific act of violence” into the first line of his utterly disturbing piece for the Guardian, compares the killing of a British soldier in London by terrorists to the killing of terrorists in the Middle East by western forces as like for like.”

Read the rest of the article and the comments of those switched on to the danger at:

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    Well worth a read as he highlights the history of one of the barbarians.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 26, 2013 at 4:28 pm |

      Good post on that subject. I can’t quite shake the feeling that a lot more of the Muslim community may have known about both the views of these particular scum and equally worrying, other similar scum for a long time but have not said anything. How many other killers or potential killers are hiding in our Islamic ghettos after all if widespread noncing can go on what else is going on in them? No wonder the security services are saying that they cannot guarantee to protect us from Muslims suffering from Sudden Jihad Syndrome. Even the low end estimates of under ten percent of Muslims with violent tendencies are taken it still adds up to a large pool of violent nutcases.

  2. Paris Claims | May 27, 2013 at 2:03 pm |

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