Oh look! I can see some peaceful, tolerant Islam up there. Do you see that pinkish thing with the snout, trotters and wings?

Peaceful Islam – It is about as real as these.


Two short tales for you today that show that too many of the followers of Islam are violent intolerant thugs whether they are in a majority, as in Bangladesh or a minority as in Crete.

In Bangladesh, the blogger Blazing Cat Fur, quoting from the Bangladesh Daily Star, reports how a small Hindu temple was torched by Muslim thugs because Islam hates Hinduism and barely tolerates the existence of Hindus themselves. The blog said:

Seven idols were burnt as criminals set a Hindu temple ablaze at Adhuna village in Gournadi early yesterday.

After worshipping, the priest left the tin-shed Durga-Kali temple at 10:30pm on Monday, said Satindranath Chakraborty, president of Senerhut Durga-Kali Mandir management committee.

In the morning, the worshippers found the burnt idols of Durga, Sarswati, Laxmi, Kartik, Ganesh, Ashur and Kali and informed the police.

A gang set the temple to fire by pouring petrol at midnight, said Satindranath Chakraborty.

A case was filed in connection with the incident, said Abul Kalam, officer in-charge of Gournadi police station.

What a lovely example, or not, of Islamic tolerance. The situation in Bangladesh for members of minority religions has got much worse since the clerical fascist group Jamaat e Islaami, started to rise to prominence again. As a side issue and worryingly for Britons, Jamaat e Islaami have front groups operating in the UK and are the power behind the throne in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

It is to be noted that as ‘Islamic’ politics has grown in Bangladesh, so has the violence and the intolerance of others. Writers and others who question Islamic politics often have to flee Bangladesh for their own safety.

Wherever there is Islam, there is intolerance.

The second example of Islamic peace and tolerance comes from the Mediterranean island of Crete where members of the Muslim minority there have been desecrating and setting fire to churches.

Pamela Geller reports that churches have been desecrated and Arabic graffiti has been left in these damaged churches. Muslims have also, according to one commentator to Ms Geller’s post, shown their ‘rapey’ side and have started making things unsafe for British women holidaying in Cretan towns and resorts. Even as a minority North African Muslims resident on Crete are incapable of showing even the most basic level of respect for the religious beliefs and the culture of others. The Cretans fought against Nazis before and it looks like they will be fighting Nazis again, but this time Islamo-nazis.

Ms Geller said:

And the dhimmi Greek Socialist Party SYRIZA (and some others) wants to help build mosques in Greece. How about Muslims abandon their violence and hate-filled supremacism and start showing some respect and tolerance? I’m not even just talking about the horrible religious persecution going on in Muslim countries, but they can’t even manage to show even the most basic degree of respect and civility in non-Muslim countries. One would think that the Greek people would have more memories of the centuries of oppression they suffered under Islamic rule, but perhaps the decades of leftist indoctrination have eroded that somewhat

After the interval of just one month, unidentified blasphemers have desecrated one more Orthodox Church on Crete, reports AgionOros.ru with the reference to the Romfea.gr agency.

This time, the Orthodox Church of the Mother of God Kardiotissa (“Of the heart”) in the village of Profitis Ilias became the target of vandals. The police suspects of the crime individuals of the Arab origin, as anti-Christian slogans, written with coal in Arabic, were discovered on the church walls.

The unidentified culprits, who this time again fled the scene of the crime absolutely unnoticed, caused extensive damage to the church. The vandals mostly directed their rage at the church altar: some items were broken down, others overturned and spilt with paint.

This crime has become a new episode in the series of arsons and attacks of Orthodox churches, with vandals leaving graffiti in Arabic at the scene of crime.”

Read the rest of the story at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/04/muslims-escalate-attacks-churches-crete.html/

It is also instructive to read the comments on this piece as well because there are allegations that British women are among those targetted by Muslims on Crete for rape attacks.

Wherever there is Islam, there is intolerance.

So here we have two examples of Islamic intolerance half a world apart and in situations were Muslims are in a majority as in Bangladesh and in a minority as in Crete. Both examples show that wherever Islam is, there is violence, hatred, supremacism and intolerance and we in Britain should not be so naïve as to say to ourselves ‘this will not happen here’.


Bangladesh story


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