You’ve read about the dodgy Mayor of Tower Hamlets, you’ve seen the Panorama programme on him, now get the t-shirt

Rahman T Shirt2

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I don’t give praise to the BBC very often, I’m more likely to be found hurling abuse at the screen during the Daily Politics show and decrying the Left/Liberal bias of the broadcaster, but today they have got at least one thing right, they stuck the boot into the Islamist Mayor of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman.

Those who are familiar with the problems that Islamic communal governance has brought to Tower Hamlets may not have learned anything new from the BBC’s Panorama programme broadcast on the 31st March. However, it will have broadened the number of people who now have some idea just how badly Rahman and his Jamaat e Islaami/Islam for Europe/East London Mosque cronies have managed the borough.

Despite legal threats to the BBC from Rahman (paid for by the taxpayer probably) and a temporary member of the production team allegedly leaking documents pertaining to Rahman’s misdeeds to the Mayor’s associates, the BBC did do a pretty reasonable job here.

The whole rotten edifice that is the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets was exposed for the public to see on this programme. The vote buying, the distribution of public funds to mosques and other Islamic organisations, the hate preachers who are part of the mayor’s inner circle, all was shown. There is now no excuse for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, to not take action against Tower Hamlets and the cabal that now run it. Mr Pickles has said that he will look into the problems of this borough but it will take more than the inspector that Mr Pickles may recommend, it will take a whole team of forensic accountants to sort out the mess that Rahman and the Islamists have created. There will also need to be a wholesale evaluation of the honesty and probity of the electoral system in Tower Hamlets to find out exactly how bad the problem of fraudulent votes actually is.

To celebrate this rare and wonderful example of the BBC telling the truth about Britains Bent-est Islamic Borough this blog is bringing out a limited edition t-shirt. ( It’s limited by how fast I can run ahead of the Islamic head choppers.) Click HERE to buy your LUTFUR RAHMAN – BENT? T-Shirt from the Fahrenheit211 Shop.



You can watch the Panorama programme via this link


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