Muslims apparently allowed to rape their way across the West Midlands.

The West Midlands Police area

A while back this blog published an article asking the following question: ‘How big a can of worms is West Midlands Police sitting on?’ The article speculated that due to the large number of Muslims in the West Midlands Police area then it could be expected that this forces area would have similar Islamic Rape Gang problems to that of other afflicted places like Rotherham, Rochdale, Greater Manchester etc. Sadly it turns out that the previous article may well have been correct.

The Birmingham Mail newspaper revealed back in January 2015 that a significant number of the areas sex offenders, groomers, sex traffickers and child-rapists were of Muslim background. This embarrassing fact, which has been played down for years by West Midlands Police and the local authority has highlighted some of the problems with the gross Islamopandering that had gone on not just on the recent watch of Chris Sims the Chief Constable but for years and years and years.

The Birmingham Mail had to submit Freedom of Information requests just to prise this information out of WMP and the released information makes horrifying reading.

Here’s what the Birmingham Mail had to say. Please note that the original article from the Birmingham Mail is in italics and this blog’s comments are in plain text

Police have today been forced to publish a damning child sexual exploitation problem profile document after a Birmingham Mail campaign – and admitted ‘significant similarities’ to the Rotherham abuse scandal.

The 120-plus page report, released only after our Freedom of Information request, reveals startling new details about the on-street grooming gangs and online perverts targeting our children.

The document tells how the CSE situation in Birmingham has ‘significant similarities’ with Rotherham, where 1,600victims were abused by Asian grooming gangs.

The new West Midland reports states: There are significant similarities to the Rotherham victim/offender and locationprofiles. It goes on to state:

*The majority of offenders are typically Asian, of Pakistani origin, aged from 17 to 40.”

A cynic or someone who is informed about the deep problems that Britain has with Islamic misogyny and crime would say that this is the sort of information that the deeply Islamopandering WM Police wish to keep quiet. In the WMP area and to the WMP force itself, pandering to rapist Islamic savages and their political handmaidens in the Labour party appears to be far more important than protecting girls and young women from said rapist Islamic savages.

*A number of Organised Crime Groups associated with CSE exist in the West Midlands. Many are associated with areas of high population densities of Pakistan heritage.”

Oh what a surprise, criminal Muslims indulging in mass rapes – not. Muslims are more liable to be a bit more ‘rapey’ than members of other groups because their ideology hates women and sees them as property to be used or abused.

*Victims are typically, but not exclusively, white females aged 13 to 16. Approximately a third are living in care homes and of those living at home, some 25 per cent will have lived in a care home and up to 60 per cent will have an allocated case worker.

If this imbalance between the race/culture of the perpetrators and the race/culture of the victims then why are Muslim rape outrages not seen by the police as the racist or communalist crimes that they plainly are? Is it because the victims are white Christians or agnostics or of Sikh and Hindu hereitage. Muslim rapists have repeatedly targeted girls from non-Muslim backgrounds and it is madness not to see that there is a racial, cultural and religious element in these gangs deciding who is or isn’t going to be targeted for abuse.

*Victims are strongly associated with frequent missing episodes. Home Debriefs suggest victims are transported widely across the West Midlands and the wider region whilst missing and are abused by multiple men.

*Targeting of victims takes place mainly at children’s homes and schools. Offending typically takes place in private houses or hotels often under the guise of “house” parties. Offences also take place in parks.

It seems that nowhere in the WMP area is safe from Islamic rapists.

The report carries 46 recommendations, including telling councils and police to improve CSE data collection as well as offer more training to staff to increase awareness of the problem.

In terms of offenders, the report states: “A profile dating back to 2010 identifies that the majority of suspects and or offenders are Asian (79 per cent) with a large proportioin being of Pakistani heritage and are likely to be from a Muslim faith background. Subsequent profiles identify offenders as typically Asian of Pakistani heritage and aged from 17 to 40 years of age with an average age of (redacted). 49 per cent of offenders live in Birmingham….”

Improving data collection is all well and good but we all know now that Muslims rape non-Muslims on an industrial scale, it’s not just the paperwork like data collection that needs to be done but the perpetrators themselves. Unless the rapist savages are taken out with extreme prejudice by the forces of law and order so as to protect the vulnerable, then any extra resources pumped into the field of CSE will end up being wasted on administration, non-job holders with fancy titles and even fancier pay packets and glossy but ultimately useless publicity about CSE. It is not data collection that needs to be prioritised, we all know which commumity produces the most rapists, it’s action.

In terms of location, the report states: “There were a total of 42 identified vulnerable locations from previous problem profiles including a number of children’s homes and schools where victims of sexual exploitation are targeted and groomed and a number of hotels and parks which are used meet victims of sexual exploitation and subsequently commit offences11;

“In addition previous problem profiles dating back to 2010 identified these locations as situated on Birmingham (37 per cent), Dudley (15 per cent), Sandwell (13 per cent), Coventry (6 per cent), Walsall (9 per cent), Wolverhampton (8 per cent), and Solihull (7 per cent)12 LPUs13.”

As you can see the problems with Islamic Rape Gangs and sex traffickers is not just confined to one small area of the West Midlands, it’s a problem that is spread right across the area.

West Midlands Police and the region’s seven local authorities jointly commissioned the in-depth problem profile for both on-street and online CSE last year, but the findings were never made public.

Probably because the report would rain on the police’s Islamopandering parade.

But in January the Mail revealed the on-street profile had discovered a ‘disproportionately high’ number of suspected offenders were of Pakistani Muslim origin, both British born and migrants. The ethnicity link mirrored that of other cities hit by CSE scandals, including Rotherham and Rochdale.

In terms of online grooming, the majority of suspected offenders were said to be white, middle-aged and often middle-class men. Yet investigations are increasingly showing a rising number of teenage boys also becoming involved, abusing girls via the web from their bedrooms.

The online grooming issue is a separate one and normally is a crime that involves individuals and not gangs. The specific problem with Muslim sex criminals is the fact they work in gangs and is characteristic of Muslim sex crime.

In total, West Midlands Police has conducted five CSE profiles since 2009, including two last year. None have ever been made public, despite the apparent clear public interest.

So it appears that WMP may have known or suspected that there was a Muslim rape wave occurring on their patch but did very little to stop it

The full scale of the CSE problem in the region is still emerging. Police and councils initially identified 210 children who had fallen victim or who were at risk of abuse over six months last year – but that figure was recalculated to 480 last month.

Mark my words this figure is likely to rise and rise.

The Mail has been consistently shining a light on CSE with our investigations, despite the historical lack of information from police and councils on the subject.

This action by the Mail is an exemplar of how a local or regional newspaper should act. It shouldn’t just mindlessly bang the drum for ‘diversity’ as some local newspapers do, it should do proper investigative journalism.

In October we told how an internal police problem profile from 2012 had shown 75 per cent of known on-street groomers in the West Midlands were Asian, with 82 per cent of victims aged 14 to 16 being white.

Yet Birmingham City Council had played down the ethnicity link when it published its own report into CSE in November, called We Need To Get It Right. It stated: “The high-profile cases have largely drawn explicit attention to the girls being ‘white’ and the perpetrators ‘Asian’. Our evidence has shouted out that the exploitation can happen to anybody irrespective of where you live or your family circumstances.’’

It later added… “this crime can be carried out by anyone and to shine a light on just one community or type of person puts other children at risk.’’

The establishment political parties really don’t want people to know about the scale of Islamic sex crime and neither it seems do they want the police to do anything about it. In places like Birmingham the Islamic vote is vital to the Labour party in particular for them to retain power and it seems that Labour are quite prepared to sell the bodies of girls and young women in exchange for the votes of Muslims.

In November we told how a 20-year-old Birmingham council commissioned report which had first raised the links with CSE and Asian taxi drivers had been ‘buried’ by not being fully published.

Child Protection boss Peter Hay went public to deny our claims and to state the report had been published in full, but was eventually forced to backtrack when pressed on the point on national radio.

Meanwhile, West Midlands Police has breached statutory guidelines by being too slow in providing information on their latest problem profile,”

This paragraph shows that the problem with Islamic sex crime in the West Midlands is not a recent one but goes right back to the 1990’s. This means that for at least two decades the political and policing establishment in the West Midlands knew that there was a problem with Islamic sex crime but did exactly bugger all about it.

This country is in dire need of a purge of those who consistently appease Islam for reasons of political expediency, and it seems that this purge really does need to start with Birmingham City Council and those other local authorities in the West Midlands area and the police themselves. This is a prime example of the corrupt policing and political nomenkatura of the West Midlands and the dire effects this powerful grouping has had on the innocent children and young women of Birmingham and beyond.


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  1. Doesn’t Miliband want to make ‘Islamaphobia’ illegal? I am hoping that the Labour Party takes a severe drubbing in the General Election and then gets massacred in the council ones too.

  2. its precisely the kind of article that makes millipedes proposal inconceivable.
    paki rape gangs, Islamic savages and there leftwing affiliates will be delighted at the thought of stifling any criticism of islam. .
    I hope the msm makes abig thing of this

  3. The 2006 Religious Hatred Act was introduced specifically to stop people (i.e. the BNP) commenting in public on the Islamic motivation behind the grooming gangs. The Bill was introduced in 2005, right after the BNP had made political capital out of the (self-censored) Channel 4 documentary “Edge of the City” (2004).

    Labour introduced religious censorship to pander to muslims then. They will do it again.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 6, 2015 at 5:45 pm |

      James you are indeed correct that the Labour Party may look at the amendments to the 2006 act as put in by the House of Lords as ‘unfinished business’.

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