May the Farce not be with us on the 8th of May

Ed Miliband: A man who is selling Britain cheap to the Bearded Savages, a man unfit for Number Ten.

If Monday the 4th May is considered by some to be Star Wars Day, then Friday 8th of May could be considered by future historians as the day that the British people allowed those who wrecked our nations economy and done great damage to British culture and community, another chance. We could wake up on Friday morning, on the anniversary of the celebration of the end of WWII no less, to find that Ed Miliband is Prime Minister. On a day which 70 years ago our ancestors celebrated freedom, we could ironically find ourselves governed by those who show a distinct enthusiasm for the idea of ‘unfreedom’. We could find that the dangerous ‘farce’ of an Islam-appeasing Labour government would be well and truly with us.

Ed Miliband and those around him in his party have shown that they are quite prepared to sell the freedom of speech that Britons and our allies fought and died for, to the followers of Islam especially by Miliband’s offer to ban negative comment, even truthful comment, about Islam. I cannot remember any Labour leader so willing to suck up to the forces of an ideology that has shown itself to be a clear and present danger to the UK. Harold Wilson, James Callaghan and Hugh Gaitskell all had battles with the far Left, and were well aware of the danger of Communism, and as often as not decried the influence of Communists within the Labour Party. Miliband could and should decry the Islamism and Islamic corruption that is taking place in today’s Labour Party. Islamic entryism into the Labour party is analogous to the Communist entryism in the Labour party of the past, and Islam is an ideology which has the capacity to do even worse damage than Communism would have done to Britain, if it had succeeded. However, Miliband is weak and will not decry the Islam whose followers too often bomb our cities, rape our children and corrupt our culture and administration. More inexcusable than weakness, is Miliband’s naked hunger for power, which is so strong that he is prepared to sell cheaply, all that which was so dearly bought by Britons, to members of the violent, aggressive quasi-religious political movement called Islam.

His party has been proven to be at ease with Islamic practises and attitudes that have zero place in British society. Labour have, in numerous areas of the country, where they are the local administration, turned a blind eye to mass rapes by Muslims, bent the allocation of public health and housing resources towards Muslims and allowed Islamic groups and individuals to corrupt local politics, a corruption that Labour have too often been willing parties in. Labour during this election campaign have consented to address gender segregated audiences of Muslims, made lots of positive noises about specific Islamic hobby horses such as ‘Palestine’, and promised Muslims that Labour will remove the ‘free speech’ clause from the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act, which will have the effect of criminalising criticism of Islam.

A nation administered by a Labour government led by Miliband, even one that needed propping up by the SNP, would be one where a Briton’s daughter could be made the victim of an Islamic Rape Gang, but where the parents of the victim would be at risk of arrest for complaining about their daughter’s treatment at the hands of said Islamic Rape Gang. We already have an equality act that is being used to impose pro-Islam propaganda on children despite parental objections and I shudder to think how worse that sort of thing will get if have Ed Miliband in Number Ten. I can well imagine a few of the worthies from the Labour Party’s once admirable past, spinning in their graves at such a betrayal of British working people.

Now I despise all the main ‘cartel’ parties, the Tories are conservative no more, the Lib Dems have been shown to be morality-free political whores of the worse kind, and the Labour party seems to have spent this election campaign just hiding behind the national cult of the NHS, but it is Labour which I despise the most. Labour’s willingness to arselick the members of a death-cult which contains a significant and alarming minority of people who want to kill people like you and me because we are women or Jews or gay or Christian or Hindu or Sikh or even a Pastafarian with a colander on the head, disgusts me, as I know it disgusts others.

We must not let Labour in by apathy, we must get out and vote for the sort of change that is required and that means voting against Labour. If we don’t do that then we will get the sort of change that is desired not by the people, but by a millionaire Hampstead socialist, who never will have to live cheek by jowl with the problems that his misguided policies will create.

We must make the effort to make sure that the dangerous farce of a Labour government is not with us on the 8th May. If you can block a Labour candidate by voting UKIP or even by holding ones nose and voting Conservative then you reduce the chances of Labour holding the reins of power whilst the party continues its metamorphoses into the Islam party. The last thing Britain needs at the moment is more Islamopandering.

Remember a vote for Labour is not a vote that any longer can be said to benefit the British working man or woman. We should grieve for the loss of the Labour party of the past, and work to ensure that the current Labour party knows that we know that it was responsible for a large part of the damage that has been done to the UK, and to reject the travesty of a party that Labour has become.

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  1. john warren | May 6, 2015 at 1:52 pm |

    Well said. Pity you’ve not been out in the streets campaigning where and when it mattered. Shouting it out loud and clear for people to hear might have done us some good a few weeks ago.

    But it really doesn’t really matter. There’ll be a pro-Muslim government back in power before long because that’s what the left have been persuaded to think that’s what they want, and they’ve had the BBC pushing that agenda for 50 years or more, and 50 years daily brainwashing young and vulnerable members of an electorate can’t be reversed in a run-up to an election.

    The West is down the pan anyway, so spend your time checking out your own defensive measures and then relax. It will serve you better in your future struggle to survive with your senses still functioning.

    No job, flat broke, no hope… and living under Sharia law in England. Wow, now that is something to worry about – do the words wind and pissing mean anything to you?

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 6, 2015 at 2:19 pm |

      Although it was my desire to do more ‘shouting’during this election campaign, life has unfortunately intervened. As I have stated on several occasions I do not share your extreme pessimism about the future, yes the Islamopanderers are a dangerous problem but they is a problem that is becoming more and more noticed by the public despite the efforts of the likes of the BBC, and the disconnect between the messages put out by the media and the reality of the situation on the ground is becoming much more sharply defined. Who would have thought that a Labour one party states like Grimsby or Heywood and Middleton being shaken by insurgent political forces and it is in part the Islamopandering and immigration policies of Labour that are driving that electoral insurgency. The outgoing MP for Great Grimsby said that his constituency is so solid Labour that the party could put up an ‘alcoholic sex paedophile’ up as a candidate and they would still get elected. There are signs that this complacency on his part may well be displaced, and that is something that we should not be pessimistic about.

      The West is not wholly down the pan it’s just that its peoples need to remember what is worthy about our culture and that defending it against savagery should be more of a priority.

      • john warren | May 6, 2015 at 3:52 pm |

        Please don’t confuse me with someone else.

        I’m not the least bit pessimistic about my own future – not long-term anyway. For several years now I’ve had in place, at several homes, the type of defensive measures that will hopefully keep the family moral bolstered for many months should the worst happen. Cameras, flood lights, food, engine fuel, oil and water stocks, radios, water pumps, generators, basic household items, hand tools etc,. etc. All kept underground out of mind and sight.

        I’m probably one of the happiest man you’ve ever known even if only because of that. Yet, I’m still worried about what lies ahead and that’s why, so far, I’ve continued to read the words you write. It’s just reassuring, sometimes, to read the words of someone you think might have also seen the light.

        In the current circumstances, there’s absolutely no point in being pessimistic about one’s own future. I worry foremost about the degree to which the government will suppress public dissent in the streets. How much blood will they be prepared to spill whilst trying to prevent what will be an inevitable and violent reaction?

        Then, I sometimes worry about all those people who refuse to prepare themselves for what horrors many intellectuals (the greatest of all pessimists) think surely awaits this already wounded planet. Then I amuse myself by thinking about the people who refuse to take out a few thousand pounds worth of insurance. They’ll willingly insure their homes, cars, watches, and even their holidays but not their futures.

        Well, you know, that just seems plain crazy to me. Sorry!

        Then, there’s my real name sitting right there at the top of this comment. And there you sit, a man, without a name, who runs this entire writing show. I take the trouble to broadly offer support to what you write and you counter by immediately accusing me of being constantly and overly pessimistic.


        • Fahrenheit211 | May 6, 2015 at 4:55 pm |

          John, if I’ve confused you with someone else who is consistently pessimistic, then I apologise but you have,IIRC said in the past that England/UK is lost, civil war inevitable and that certainly looks to me like an over pessimistic view.

          It’s good that you are prepared for what looks like could be ‘interesting times’ I also have made plans but I’d prefer not to have to discuss them or put those plans into operation. However there are many who have not planned either because they are unable to or because they mistakenly believe that there are no problems, what about them? No man is an island and it grieves me to see decent communities who consent to the encroachment of Islam because they’ve been told that is the reasonable thing to do and that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ only to find that they’ve been lied to about the nature of Islam.

          I’d rather help to inform the brainwashed than leave them to their Islamic fate. I’m glad that you are happy with your preparations but what about everyone else?

          I’ve not desire for the sort of civil war that you’ve said looks like coming and if possible I’d prefer to see that prospect averted before it becomes a reality, which is why I’m consistently in favour of changing things at the ballot box or via other peaceful means.

          Yes I’ve seen the light regarding Islam but I’m not going to abandon the hope that it can be rebuffed, and it is gratifying that an increasing number of people are starting to see through the soporific that is the phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. The more people who see Islam as the death cult that it really is the better.

          We are not lost, we were not lost in 1940 and maybe we should not surrender to despair today.

          As regards names and identifications, it’s your choice what name you use, I don’t police that at all and am quite happy to accomodate those who wish to remain anonymous in these difficult times. For myself, I have a wife, a child and family members who are, for geographical, cultural and other reasons, at risk from the sort of people whom I write about and that is my reason for wishing to be as anon as possible. If I have to take shit for what I say then that’s fair do’s, but I try to do my best to stop that shit from hitting others whom I care about.

          Thank you for your support and I’m sorry that you are perturbed by being described as pessimistic but all is not yet lost.

          As regards your comments on intellectuals, I agree that some of their ‘wilder shores’ ideas have been proved to be either unworkable or damaging, but that doesn’t mean that all intellectuals are wrong and maybe an academic sector less dominated by the Left would be more true to the spirit of free enquiry that should characterise the academic environment.

          We don’t all have the luxury of resources to prepare for future problems, but we do, at least for the present, have a relatively free vote, which we should use in order to change things. We do in Britain have a significant problem with Islamopandering that cannot be denied but Islamopanderers can only be rooted out by those with the politiical will to do so and the best way to appoint these politicians who will challenge the appeasement culture is by way of voting them in and voting out the Islamopanderers. Remember it is the Islamopanderers and their allies who are most likely to cause a violent counter reaction to the people’s disgust at Islam, and I agree that this is a distinct possiblity, which is why elected politicians need to remove the appeasers before the action-reaction-counter-reaction cycle happens.

          I’d much rather see ‘vote vote’ than ‘shoot shoot’.

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