Going beyond complaining to Cambridgeshire Police and taking the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission

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I like many others have been appalled at the treatment of Mr Tommy Robinson and his family by Cambridgeshire Police recently. I have made my views known both to the readers of this blog and to Cambridgeshire Police themselves via the articles referenced below in the ‘links’ section of this piece.

I was deeply unsatisfied with the response that I got from Cambridgeshire Police’s Professional Standards Department and feel that they are trying to cover their own arses rather than properly deal with the aftermath of what was a gross level of bullying by their officers of Mr Robinson. I informed Cambridgeshire Police of my dissatisfaction and they have responded to my communication with them.

Cambridgeshire Police’s Professional Standards Department said:

Good Morning,
Thank you for your email.  If you are
dissatisfied with the response that we will not record a public
complaint regarding an issue you witnessed via the media.  You are
able to appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission that
we have not recorded your complaint.
You have 28 days from the date of this email
within which to make your appeal either by their website
or via royal mail address to Independent Police Complaints
Commission, PO Box 473, Sale, M33 0BW.  You are advised to make your
appeal in good time as appeals received after the 28 days may not be
accepted by the IPCC unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Administration Team
Professional Standards Department
Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire Constabulary
and Hertfordshire Constabulary
Telephone: (01234) 842538

I’m going to follow the suggestion that this matter should be taken to the IPCC and would advise as many others as possible to do the same. This matter gone beyond the sort of incident that can be handled by Cambridgeshire Police internally, not only because of their use of the legal ruse of ‘not accepting complaints about action observed via media’ but also because there are growing social media rumours that this incident was the result of internal bias by Cambridgeshire officers. This means that there are grounds to believe that this force cannot be trusted to properly investigate this complaint themselves.

Please use the information in the email that I’ve quoted above to make your complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.



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  1. WHAT?!! I agree, sounds like an ass-covering up job to me.

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