Miliband, his treachery has become stomach-churning Now he’s openly offering to sell free speech to the Bearded Savages.

Want to imagine and Ed Miliband Labour future then just imagine this bastard with his hands clamped firmly over our mouth whilst a jihadist thug stamps on your face. Still think Labour is an attractive bet?

There are those who scoff at the idea that the Labour Party is no longer a party that represents the interests of the British working classes and there are also those who scoff at the idea that Labour has become ‘The Islam Party’ in all but name.  However those who mock the idea that Labour have abandoned the working classes and are instead engaging in a policy of appeasement of Islam should, if there is any justice, be forced to eat their words after reading about Labour’s latest vomit inducing act of Islamopandering.

Ed Miliband in an interview with the Muslim News media outlet (and as reported by Breitbart) promised that publication’s readers that if he and the Labour party come to power then they would criminalise ‘Islamophobia’.  Just think about what Miliband is saying for a moment and ponder on what it means.  It means that Miliband in government would not think twice about using the law to ban an opinion.  It would mean that those who disagree with Islam on theological grounds would suddenly find themselves criminals, it could mean that the reporting by Andrew Norfolk of the Times into the problem of Islamic Rape Gang would be illegal.  It would also mean that the excellent investigative work done by the writers Andrew Gilligan,  Ted Jeory and others into the corruption of former Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman would also be a criminal offence.

Under Labour’s plans to criminalise ‘Islamophobia’ people running or commenting on Islamosceptic blogs, or criticising Islam on secular-humanist web forums would also find themselves at risk of arrest and prosecution.  This proposal will even criminalise saying something true, but uncomplimentary about Islam in the pub, or on a bus, or in the street or within earshot of one the numerous grasses whom the state will no doubt reward in some way with with cash or with a feeling of virtue for the grass.

Many people have an opinion on Islam, how could we sensibly do anything else but have an opinion of this ideology that has or has had a negative impact on so many lives, and not just ‘Western’ lives.  How can you not have an opinion on a ‘religion’ that calls on its followers to kill for its ‘god’, or whose follwers are over represented in some of the most appalling rape and sexual assault and slavery cases this country has  seen in modern times   Yet Miliband, wishes to make illiegal these opinions, despite them being based on fact and not in prejudice.  At a stroke Miliband and the Labour party would abolish the right to speak an opinion and what is worse Labour are using this proposed policy to buy the votes of Britain’s Muslims.  Miliband is selling, Judas-like, to the followers of Islam the right, dearly bought by generations of Britons and our allies, to hold and speak an opinion..

Miliband would allow the followers of Islam to make what vestige of free speech we have left, illegal.

I’ve seen Miliband and the Labour party spout some pretty disgusting things but this abject appeasement really must take the biscuit.  Miliband, like Churchill’s crocodile, appears to want to be eaten last and he is going to pay for the privilege of the Muslims eating him last with your birthright and the birthright of your children and grandchildren.  They will grow up in a society where they will be fearful of having an opinion or worse, be persuaded by schools that only some opinions are allowed and that there are dire consequences for holding the ‘wrong’ opinion.  If you still vote Labout after seeing their true face as exposed in the Muslim News interview, then shame on you.  If you are considering voting Labour because you support greater expenditure on welfare or the NHS then put aside your tribal loyalties on these issues for a moment and think carefully about what this proposal would mean and what damage it would do and put your vote elsewhere,
Ed Miliband’s handling of the issue of Islam shows us quite clearly that he is not to be trusted in government.  We should be very wary of politicians who so openly and willingly court the votes of those who would be more than happy if criticism of their violent and deeply unpleasant ideology could be criminalised.


Original Breitbart articlr on Ed Miliband and his latest and most gross bit of Islamopandering

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  1. although the media has reported on this , they have missed an opportunity to really highlight this traitors shameless pandering to get the muslim vote and the dire connotations that acompany it.
    also, the leftie scummers are rallying round defending rachman in an unbeatable act of blind appeasement I’ve noticed.
    labour government-what would life be like with 5 years of Islamic appeasement

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