A dishonest exercise in emotional manipulation

Emotionally manipulative lifejackets stunt put on by pro-migration activists


The ‘open borders’ and ‘refugees welcome’ types have had a protest outside the Palace of Westminster over the number of alleged refugees who have drowned crossing the Mediterranean Sea. The charity ‘International Rescue Committee’, for which the former Labour MP David Miliband works for, laid out 2,500 life-jackets, one they said for every ‘refugee’ who had drowned in the Med. The organisers added the extra heart-string pulling detail that 650 of the jackets were children’s ones and were decorated with Disney stickers. This vomit inducing exercise in emotional manipulation took place on the occasion of the United Nations Refugee Summit which started today in New York City.

This emotive display although put together by well meaning individuals, lumps all these migrants together. The IRC make no distinction between those who are genuinely in fear for their lives or those who are merely economic migrants. They also make no distinction between those, such as Arab Christians for example who are plainly victimised in the Muslim nations which they are fleeing and the Islamic oppressors themselves. The organisers most certainly also do not seem to care about the European communities who are more often than not suffering from the sort of crime, destruction and disorder that the fake refugees bring.

Here’s the left wing Independent newspaper on this attempt to hoodwink the ‘nice but dim’ and the naïve into thinking that these migrants are genuine refugees and not the violent and grasping invaders that they have so often proved themselves to be. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the Independent is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Independent said:

London’s Parliament Square has been covered in a “graveyard of life jackets” to raise awareness of the thousands of refugees who die at sea.  

Campaigners from International Rescue Committee (IRC) laid out 2,500 used life jackets overnight to coincide with the United Nations Migration Summit that started on Monday in New York.

The life jackets were worn by refugee children and adults crossing from Turkey to the Greek island of Chios, before being abandoned in a warehouse on the Greek island of Lesbos.

I wonder how much was the cost of shipping these life jackets to London and could the campaigners money be spent in any better or more effective way, such as helping to provide assistance to genuine refugees closer to their place of origin? I also wonder who is actually footing the final bill for this stunt?

IRC hopes the display will put pressure on international governments to do more to tackle the crisis.

Sanj Srikanthan, the IRC’s director of policy and practice, said: “This is meant to represent just some of the people who have died crossing the Mediterranean – refugees fleeing conflict just trying to get to safety.

As I’ve said before, if these boats had been harshly interdicted in the early stages of this crisis then it would have discouraged others from making the crossing. Running a taxi service for these migrants, as the Royal Navy and other naval forces are doing, is not dissuading migrants from crossing, it’s encouraging more crossings and more drownings.

650 of these life jackets were used by children, you can still see the Disney stickers on some of them.

This is the kicker for me. This is the epitome of dishonest emotional manipulation by IRC and other pro-migrant campaigners, and here’s why: The campaigners set out 2,500 life jackets, this represents roughly the same number, 2,609, of ‘Syrians’ that the UK has already taken in. Of that number 900 have been arrested for offences including sexual assault, child abuse and threat to kill. These are not the sort of figures that would apply to genuine refugees or those really fleeing terror. These are the sort of figures that represent a dangerous and threatening rabble of invaders. For those who doubt that this is the case or that these are the number I’ve given sources, including Parliamentary sources on the number of ‘Syrians’ in the UK in a previous article that took a dig at another group of naïve but dangerous ‘refugees welcome’ campaigners.

Instead of having 650 life jackets representing children who’d drowned you could have had 650 jackets, roughly a quarter of the total, representing rapists, jihadists, thieves, ponces and criminals, and the statement would be equally true. The use of the children’s jackets is a monstrous bit of emotional manipulation of the sort that would have made the editor of the Stalin-era Pravda proud.

Most of them are provided by smugglers, they are not safety checked, some of them absorb water, they become like an anchor if you fall in the water, especially for a child.

More emoting, more manipulation. No shit Sherlock. Of course people smugglers are going to have less rigorous safety standards than the masters of a regular ship. That is obvious. Also obvious is that many of these ‘refugees’ have crossed safe or reasonably safe countries to get to the crossing points. Plain to see as well, from statistics is that many of these ‘refugees’ are young men of military age and are often Muslim, the very last sort of demographic that any civilised country should be allowing in thorough their borders. The Left and the pro-migrant types are using the image of children to convince people that this tide of people is not a threat and that, judging by the experience of Germany, Sweden, the UK and elsewhere, is not the truth. These people are a threat. Many of them come from violent, backward misogynistic societies, are often difficult or impossible to fully integrate and will bring nothing but trouble to Europe.

So, today is meant to represent the tragedy of the modern refugee.”

What about the tragedy of the people of European nations who will suddenly find out almost overnight that their once peaceful towns and cities have been turned into Islam dominated shitholes like Molenbeek in Belgium or Tower Hamlets in London’s East End? Don’t the ordinary people who will have to deal with the problems that these ‘refugees’ will bring or are we just to be ignored and treated like so much chopped liver? It certainly seems that the campaigners don’t give a toss about the victims and future victims of these refugees and are quite willing to sacrifice the rest of us in order to engage in virtue signalling stunts like this.

The charity hopes its efforts will help raise awareness of the crisis and encourage developed countries such as the UK and the US to resettle more of the most vulnerable refugees.

No, that should not be an option. If we are to take any refugees at all then they should only be Christian ones. We in the UK can’t afford to take in any more troublesome and violent Muslims. It is a moral imperative to assist those who are genuinely in fear for their lives and the Christians are without a doubt in fear of their lives from the depredations of Muslims, then we should allow in some Christians. You can make a reasonable ethical, political, cultural and economic cases for allowing in a limited number of genuinely oppressed and vulnerable Christians, but you can’t make the same case for low IQ,hate-filled, sometimes inbred and often violent Muslims. It’s right that those who can assist where they can, but the deserving wheat needs be separated from the undeserving and dangerous chaff. If you had a choice between allowing in your house a potentially faithful and healthy hound, or a dangerous rabid mutt, who in their right mind would choose both, or to permit the rabid mutt entry and not the healthy dog? Although humanitarianism is in general a good thing, that doesn’t mean that calls like this for ‘excessive humanitarianism’, which will end up getting Europeans killed, should be indulged. Self defence is not a sin and we need to be defended against the violent thugs who are entering Europe illegally, and not invite them in.

They are also calling for better, more durable aid solutions in affected countries, including increased investment in healthcare and education.

Now that is something that I can get behind. Many of these migrants may indeed be Islamic savages unsuitable for inclusion in civilised societies but they are still human. I have no moral problem with assisting these people in situ or in other Muslim countries, such as Turkey, that border conflict zones, but they should not be brought here. For one it’s cheaper to assist refugees near to their place of origin and secondly it doesn’t expose citizens of countries that are taking them in, such as the UK to danger or threat.

Mr Srikanthan also stressed the importance of finding solutions to the world conflicts driving the migration of people.

He said: “If world leaders put their minds to it they could almost half the number of refugees displaced.

My sympathies lie not with these alleged ‘refugees’ but with the communities that often suffer from the trouble that they bring. For instance I care more about the Austrian child who was anally raped by a ‘refugee’ than I do about the savage ‘refugees’ who carried out this and similarly awful crimes. We do not need any ‘global solutions ‘ to this current crisis. What needs to happen is that civilised nations need to put their own people first and close the borders. By all means assist people in war zones but importing these ‘refugees’ is likely only to bring these war zones here to peaceful nations including the UK.



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The Birmingham ‘Refugees Welcome’ summit that took place recently. Within this post there are links to the number of Syrians arrested for crimes, including serious ones, along data about the number of Syrians given asylum



The source of the term ‘excessive humanitarians’ Noel Coward’s ‘Let’s not be beastly to the Germans’



65% of the 800,000 ‘refugees’ who travelled to Europe in 2015 are men. Stats via t his piece. Many of the actual women and children are left to rot in refugee camps in countries neighbouring the Syrian war zone.



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