From elsewhere: Police pandering to Islam in Bolton

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The blogger Ambush Predator has spotted a very disturbing piece of police pandering to Islam in the town of Bolton.

For ages the town has apparently been plagued with Muslims in highly tuned and expensive vehicles using the public roads like a race track and showing off their cars. However, the curse of unequal justice has struck again and rather than going in heavy handed and nicking street racers and cruisers, as they have done before, Bolton police decided that as there are Muslims involved, a bit of pandering to Islam was required.

Ambush Predator said:

campaign to tackle racing and irresponsible driving on Bolton’s roads is being launched after a number of crashes which left people dead or seriously injured.

Good, good, very important… 

The fire service, police, Bolton Council and Bolton Council of Mosques have teamed up to run the pilot, believed to be the first of its kind, in the run up to summer.

Wait. What? The Council of… what?

Events will be held at five mosques from today, to raise awareness of the dangers of racing and anti-social driving, by BCoM representatives, police officers and firefighters.”

So unlike what happened in non-Muslim areas like Lakeside, Essex where police went in hard against street racers, the members of Bolton’s religion of special needs, get the kid glove treatment. Can you imagine the situation if it was Jewish or Methodist teenagers and young people doing stuff like this? Do you think that the police would be getting the local Jewish Beth Din or the local Methodist elders involved? Of course they would not, the police would be nicking people, seizing cars and throwing their weight around. However because Muslims are involved, the policing of this problem is handled very differently indeed.


Original story from Ambush predator

How police are dealing with street racers in the predominantly non-Muslim area of South Essex


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  1. Clearly not a uniform approach, forgiving the pun. It would be interesting to compare the ‘profiles’ of the relevant police commanders.

  2. Not at all religious myself, but I doubt that Jewish or Methodist parents or religious leaders would need much police prompting to try to drum some sense into their young people in similar circumstances.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 7, 2014 at 2:15 pm |

      JS I agree with you there. How bad is it that the police have to pander in this way just to get Muslims to obey the law. With Jews and Methodists this problem would have been nipped in the bud long long before this.

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