Now That’s why Pakistan is a S**thole Volume 49


As this blog has noted on many previous occasions, Pakistan is truly a shithole if you are a religious minority. If you are a Hindu or a Sikh or a Buddhist or a Christian then you are considered by the Muslims of Pakistan to be worth much less than a human and slightly more than a farm animal.

There are many horrific stories coming out of Pakistan, a country that truly is a turd that cannot be easily flushed, but this one is especially bad. According to the Christian Post forced conversions to Islam are very common in Pakistan and all manner of abuse is meted out to non Muslims in order to get them to convert to Islam. This story shows the true bestial brutality that is at the heart of Islam and I’ll leave to the Christian Post article to give the full horrific details.

The Christian Post said:

A Pakistani Christian family was tied up and beaten by a group of Muslims who stormed their home last month looking to force the family to convert to Islam. But when the family refused to renounce their faith, their youngest daughter was abducted, raped and has yet to return home.

The London-based charity British Pakistani Christian Association has come to the aid of the Masih family, a family of 10 Christians caught in the grips of bonded labor (modern day slavery) near the city of Kasur in Eastern Pakistan.

According to BPCA, the family lived in a small home made of mud and had been constantly pressured by local Muslims to convert to Islam, as they were the only family in the neighborhood who hadn’t embraced Islam.

On the night of Sept. 15, a group of six Muslim men and a Muslim woman stormed the family’s home with guns, sticks and metal rods and severely beat members of the Christian family.

The group of intruders hoped that the family’s pain and suffering would cause them to reconsider their prior refusals to convert to Islam. Despite the pain, the family again refused to deny Christ and convert to Islam.

After the family refused to convert, the Muslims grew enraged and tied up and blindfolded all but two of the family members.

As the family consists of six daughters and two sons, the Muslims dragged the family’s 17-year-old daughter, Jameela, and 20-year-old son, Arif, and threw them into the back of a van parked outside of the home.

Arif, who was eventually able to escape out an open door while no one was looking, told BPCA that he and Jameela were taken to an unknown building in an unknown location that he later figured out was a mansion of some sort.

Arif explained that when they arrived at the mansion, they were both tortured separately. Despite the torture, Arif again refused to convert to Islam. While he could hear the screams of his sister, one of the captors told Arif that other Muslim men were taking turns raping his sister and that all he had to do to save his her was embrace Islam. However, he again refused to renounce Christ.

As the sun rose the next morning, Arif took advantage of an opportunity to escape when his blindfold slipped and he noticed that the door was left open with no one around monitoring him.

It took hours for Arif to return home, as he had to walk most of the way before he caught a ride on a rickshaw.

Having been taken so far from home, Arif is not able to recall the location of the mansion that he and his sister were taken too. He also believes that his sister was taken to another location because he did not hear her screams before he escaped the mansion.

This is a truly appalling and really shows the statement that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ to be a lie of monstrous proportions. Islam is not a religion of peace it is a religion of rape, intolerance and war. Pakistan has only been in existence for just under 80 years and in that time has been turned by Islam into a hell hole. It’s educational to compare the nations of Pakistan and India that both gained independence from Britain on the same day and the same hour in 1947. India has, despite a few problems, turned into a regional powerhouse with a strong well disciplined military and a growing economy. Pakistan on the other hand is a bottomless cesspit of horror. Pakistan is what nations become if they allow Islam to gain the upper hand.

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