University College Berkeley where the true fascist face of the Left has been on display

The riot at Milo's cancelled speech venue (Pic from Daily Mail)


The Left are very keen on calling their opponents ‘fascist’ but what we’ve recently seen occurring at the University of Berkeley in California, USA where Leftists have shut down a talk by the commentator Milo Yiannopolous, is the epitome of fascism itself. These fascist Leftists set fires, attacked people, vandalised property and generally caused trouble, merely in order to prevent Milo from expressing an opinion that the Left disagree with. There are many different definitions of the word ‘fascism’ but surely many of the should or must include engaging in extreme violence to prevent opposing ideas being voiced. I was personally disgusted by some of the images coming out or UC Berkeley, truly disgusted.

Many people may or may not like Milo, I don’t agree with every thing he says on subjects such as feminism for example. But, when he speaks on other subjects such as free speech, the right of the citizen to defend oneself with lethal force and the dangers posed by Islam, then I find I can be in broad agreement. Whether you like or agree with Milo or not, all sensible people should be in agreement on one thing and that is Milo’s right to speak and put his opinion but now that right has been denied to him by the fascist Left.

University campuses should be places where ideas are discussed openly and not places where only ‘approved’ opinion is allowed. Unfortunately Berkeley, a university which was ironically once at the centre of the campus free speech movement, has like so many others slipped into an appalling groupthink culture, where any expression of dissent is met with violent rage from Leftists. The sort of behaviour that we’ve seen from the Leftist fascists at Berkeley brings to mind images of similar behaviour, the book burnings, public denouncements, show trials, restriction of dissent and intimidation that are a visual and verbal shorthand for what was done by the horrific parade of 20th century authoritarian and totalitarian movements. What we saw at Berkeley from the Left was so ominously like the fascism that these Leftist claim to oppose.

This was shameful and fascistic behaviour by the Left and it is conduct that will shock the world. It will specially shock those who believe that the best way to challenge bad ideas is to discuss them and the best way to deal with hateful words or opinions is not less free speech, but even more free speech.

There are some great ironies attached to this story and some remarkable cognitive dissonances. For example: These Leftists who claim to support the rights of LGB and T people are committing acts of violence to stop a gay man speaking because what he is saying doesn’t agree with Leftist theology. These same Leftist fascists who loudly proclaim that they are for ‘women’s rights’, are trying to stop Milo, who speaks eloquently and passionately for the rights of women oppressed by the misogynistic yoke of Islamic shariah law. Those violent Leftists of the type who did so much violence in order to shut down Milo, also often claim to be on the side of the working classes, yet they despise that same working class for voting for Donald Trump in an attempt to protect their nation. These protesters hurt the very people, causes and classes that they claim to support.

Here’s part of the Daily Mail coverage of this story: As usual the source is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

The Daily Mail said:

Protesters have torn down barricades, let off fireworks and set the campus ablaze during furious protests against speech by conservative Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley.

Police responded with smoke bombs and by shooting at demonstrators with non-lethal bullets during the uproar on the California campus on Wednesday evening, according to witness reports.

Yiannopoulos’s speech been cancelled amid the chaos and he has been evacuated, according to a post on his social media. 

University police confirmed that the campus was on lockdown as they reported they were bringing in extra resources to tackle the ‘violent demonstration.’ 

‘Milo event cancelled. Shelter in place if on campus. All campus buildings on lockdown. #miloatcal,’ they tweeted. 

Just think about this for a moment, the Left have been so utterly and completely out of order that Milo needed to be physically extracted fro the area and the campus has turned into a battlezone seemingly taking place between police and the anti-Milo protesters.

The Daily Mail added:

Several of Yiannopoulos’ talks at other campuses have been canceled due to protests or security reasons.

The Breitbart editor wrote on Facebook that he and his team were safe after being evacuated from campus.

‘I have been evacuated from the UC Berkeley campus after violent left-wing protestors tore down barricades, lit fires, threw rocks and Roman candles at the windows and breached the ground floor of the building,’ he wrote.

‘My team and I are safe. But the event has been cancelled. I’ll let you know more when the facts become clear. One thing we do know for sure: the Left is absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down.’

Here’s a screenshot that’s been circulating around Twitter allegedly from Milo’s facebook pages

The Daily Mail continued

He also claims that a Trump supporter wearing a Make American Great Again hat was assaulted and kicked while on the ground. 

‘This is what tolerance looks like at UC Berkeley,’ said Mike Wright, a Berkeley College Republican member told SF Gate before someone threw paint on him. ‘It’s sad.’

The protest turned violent around 6pm when a group of demonstrators dressed all in black and wearing masks soaked in milk – to protect against tear gas – emerged from the crowd and began dismantling the security defenses – knocking down barriers and cutting through zip ties.

Protesters tore down barricades and began throwing fencing at the student union where Yiannopoulos was waiting ahead of his speech, shattering the glass.

At one point a driver sped off with a man still on his hood after rioters began attacking cars near UC Berkeley.

Others toppled a generator and light pole, scrawling Milo across it with spray paint before setting it alight.

‘We’re anarchists,’ said one unnamed protester. ‘This is war.’ 

My message to this unamed ‘anarchist’ protester is this: No this isn’t ‘war’ you foolish pathetic plastic revolutionary, this is the Left showing just how tolerant it really is when someone comes along who can effectively challenge Leftist ideas.

These violent Leftists with their fires and their gunpowder and rock throwing have done more than just engaged in wanton destruction, they have for no real proper reason, robbed American citizens of a very important right and that is the right to hear a variety of different opinions.

I think what we’ve seen at Berkeley is fascism in action, not from the right, but from the Left and it is time that this sort of fascism is stood up to before it does any more damage than it already has done.