The Dortmund bomb, so whodunnit then?

Damage sustained to the Borussia Dortmund team bus (picture from CNN website)


There have been a number of groups who have claimed responsibility for the bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus . First, according to the German press and police it was suspected of being a Islamic attack and this looked like the most firm claim, after all it’s usually Muslims who kill, maim and plant bombs, not Methodists. Then it was some Left wing group which claimed responsibility and finally a right wing group has allegedly put their hands up to it. So who did it then?

The Islamic connection to this explosion, which caused minor injuries to one of the Dortumnd players, was dismissed by the authorities when they released a Muslim who they had initially held. This is extremely odd and some would say convenient for the German Govt, who continue to push out the ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ lie. We know from elsewhere that the Left have the capacity to engage in extreme violence. Aggressive Leftists have often attacked those with opposing views, something we’ve seen both in Germany where they’ve attacked the patriots of Pegida, and elsewhere such as in Berkeley in the United States where they’ve attacked Donald Trump supporters and those who have called for freedom of speech.

As for the anti-Islam political Right in Germany then this, as far as I can make out, is divided between the tiny number of regressive Hitler-worshippers, and the far greater number of ordinary decent Germans who are sick and fed up of seeing their country trashed by Islamic savagery. It should be noted at this point that German football clubs have been involved in a great deal of ‘refugees welcome’ virtue signalling and if there is a Rightist or far rightist motivation behind this bomb then this may be a reaction to such activity. However we should not discount the possibility that the ‘far right’ claim by police has been manufactured by a person or persons unknown in order to smear those Germans who are leaning towards support for the Pegida group and the Alternative for Deutschland Party. This consideration isn’t really going full ‘tin foil hat’ but is not something that should be entirely brushed aside.

If it is elements of the Right involved in this bombing then it’s the moment when a Rubicon has been crossed in Germany. It’s a sign, that at least for a minority on the Right, that confidence has totally been lost in the ability of German politicians of the Left, Centre and Centre-Right to deal with the problems caused by Merkel’s migration disaster.

Whether it was the Muslims, the Left or the Right who planted this bomb, the fact that it was planted and the type of target that was chosen, bodes ill for the future of Germany. Sadly I forsee much conflict in the future in Germany and it is a conflict that could have been avoided by the German government prioritising their own people rather than the violent and wholly unwanted Islamic migrants that they’ve imported.

Only time will tell who the true culprit behind this attack was, but what’s plain is that Germany is in deep deep trouble. It is likely that violent conflict between Muslims and their Lefist allies and the Right and the ordinary German citizen is going to play all too great a part in the future of Germany.

Damn that moron Merkel, just look what her idiotic decisions have done to Germany and to the rest of Europe. Merkel invited in the enemies of decency and it’s the ordinary German who is going to pay the price for that cretinious decision by being victims of crime and conflict.