From Elsewhere: Better to have sanctions than savage migrants say the Poles


Taking the migrants, the mostly burdensome, potentially dangerous migrants from the Islamic world that the European Union wants to foist on Poland would be far worse for Poland than dealing with any EU sanction according to a Polish government minister. Brietbart London is reporting that Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak considers that letting these migrants into Poland would be a much worse outcome than riding out any sanctions that the EU will impose on them.

Personally, I don’t blame the Poles or their government for thinking in this way. There are many Polish citizens who have travelled and worked in other EU countries and they have seen the disaster created by the EU’s migration and asylum policy. Polish citizens working in the United Kingdom for example have seen the effects of the terror and crime that have been brought to these shores by both recent Muslim migrants, including ‘refugees’ and by all too many of the more settled members of the Islamic community that lives in Britain.

Poles working in France or Germany will have seen the mass sexual assaults and the no go zones created by the followers of Islam and are probably in no hurry to replicate this and other Islam related messes within their own borders. All too many of the ‘migrants’ are showing themselves to be not suitable for inclusion in civilised societies. There’s a vast welfare bill that needs to be paid for the upkeep of these fake ‘refugees’ because they don’t have marketable skills or the capacity to learn them. A great number of them have also been implicated or convicted of some of the most god-awful crimes and some of them have been involved in Islamic terror. Who when looking the problems caused by the current wave of mass Islamic migration would not want to keep that out of their own nation?

Breitbart said:

Taking migrants would do more damage to Poland than European Union (EU) sanctions, Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has said, after fresh warnings from Brussels over the country’s refusal to welcome asylum seekers from the third world.

Reacting to the EU setting a June deadline by which Poland and Hungary must take migrants from Italy and Greece or face sanctions, the minister said “the security of Poland and the Poles is at risk” from the bloc’s relocation scheme.

Mr. Błaszczak said giving in to the EU’s demand that Poland welcome more than 6,000 asylum seekers would “certainly be much worse” for the nation than the threat of punishment from Brussels, citing the terror threat in Western Europe as a result of immigration.

We mustn’t forget the terror attacks that have taken place in Western Europe, and how  — in the bigger EU countries  — these are unfortunately now a fact of life,” said the minister, pointing to demographic change as the cause.

Remember that the now very numerous Muslim communities (in Western European countries) started out as relatively small numbers.”

The EU quota scheme moving migrants from Italy and Greece  — where asylum seekers from the third world arrive in droves via boat – to other nations in the bloc only exacerbates the continent’s problems with illegal migration according to Błaszczak.

I tell my counterparts in Western Europe that the relocation strategy only intensifies [illegal migration] because traffickers get even more custom when [would-be migrants] hear people delivered to Europe are being given refuge in EU nations other than Italy and Greece.

It also risks the lives of people who are trying to reach Europe [on boats],” he added.

On Tuesday, Brussels set a June deadline for Poland and Hungary to start admitting migrants under the EU’s quota scheme.

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Mr. Błaszczak is correct in his assertion that the current EU migration and asylum policies are a joke and the main winners are the people traffickers and the various pro-migration NGO’s. The policy of transferring illegal migrants from Greece to other parts of Europe, parts with generous welfare systems, is a driver for the people traffickers. It’s a case of if you can get to Greece or Italy then you can get to Britain or Germany and access to welfare. This is a very powerful draw for these migrants. Also, sadly as Mr Błaszczak said, a policy of effective interdiction would have been better and would have saved more lives of potential migrants than the current EU policy. Migrant boats that are prevented from crossing, or not encouraged by the EU’s dispersal policy, are boats that never have the opportunity to sink and take with them many lives.


Polish citizens and the Polish government have observed the Islamic migration disaster overseen by the European Union and want to keep this contagion of crime, terror and parasitism out of Poland and who could honestly blame them for that? The Polish minister is not doing anything morally wrong, he’s standing up for his own people, his own nation and his own country’s culture. This is something that the French, German and British governments should have done and now whose peoples are paying the price for the monstrous mistake of thinking that bringing in millions of people from cultures incompatible with our own would be anything other than a disaster. The genuine refugees from the Middle East wars could have been far more efficiently helped and at far less financial cost by giving aid on the ground close to the original homes of these refugees. Bringing them to Western Europe is both overly expensive and damaging to the security and integrity of Western nations. It’s madness to allow to reside in our countries so many migrants from lands whose governing culture and ideology is both in opposition to and a threat to our own. It’s especially mad when that culture or ideology will not bend to fit in with the host society in almost any sensible way and whose followers seem to be forgetting the idea that the law of the land is the law that applies to everyone.


I hope the Polish government defies the EU’s demands that they open up their borders to the ambulant criminal human dross that the likes of Frau Merkel invited into Europe, but who wants the rest of us to suffer for her decisions. The Poles should say no to these migrants as many of them will bring nothing but trouble to Poland. I believe that the Poles are correct in not wanting Gdansk turned into another Rotherham. or the suburbs of Warsaw to become like the suburbs of Paris. I doubt either that they want to see Christmas and Easter festivities in places like Lodz or Krakow happen under the shadow of the threat of an Islamic truck attack, as is the case in Western Europe.

The Poles should give the European Union a resounding ‘no’ to this dispersal plan and maybe should join the United Kingdom and live in relative freedom outside the EU. Each day the EU becomes more and more authoritarian and more like a German-dominated Empire, than a bloc of cooperating but independent states. The Poles indeed would be better off with dealing with short term sanctions than allowing Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem to inflict the most appalling damage on the Polish nation.