Video – I’m damn glad that this woman is no longer a teacher


The YouTuber Jonaya English is turning into an exemplary good citizen journalist. In this instance she speaks to a retired teacher who was opposing the Bristol march by the Gays Against Shariah and Britons and Immigrants United Against Terror groups.

Ms English does a brilliant job in interviewing the subject, a far Left retired teacher and with quietness and precision pays out exactly the right amount of rope for the Left winger to hang herself with intellectually. Ms English was apparently speaking to the teacher after the march had come back from the rally site and was being dispersed. She had an extensive 20 minute conversation with the former educator. The teacher revealed herself to be a committed ideologue, who could not see how diverse groups could come to together and oppose Shariah.

The former teacher seemed to live in a head space where it is ‘Labour Party = Good, everything else = Bad’. Every question posed by Ms English seemed to be met by either complaints about ‘cuts’ or ‘the Tories’ or instead she said how everything was fine and dandy in Bristol, despite Ms English’s allegation of a high level of FGM occurring there. The pea-brained pedagogue kept spouting left wing slogans and insisted that the Gays Against Shariah march was ‘far right’ and that any problems with FGM need to be left to ‘the Muslim community and the experts like social workers’. When I heard this comment about FGM from the ex-teacher, I could not help but ask myself whether she was asking people to rely on the same ‘experts’ and ‘social workers’ and others who have done the square root of sod all about FGM since the mid 1980’s? I do believe she was referring to the same ‘experts’ who have shoved this problem under the carpet.

This teacher’s commitment to Left wingery was truly, frighteningly, all-pervasive and one wonders whether her rancid left wing politics seeped into her teaching? I would not be surprised to find that it had, especially when she said that she had spent an awful lot of time during her career teaching ‘anti-racism’ and I expect that this teaching would be tinged with a left-wing bias. It’s teachers like the one that Ms English has interviewed so skilfully that illustrate just why British parents need to keep a close eye on what their children’s teachers are doing. If we don’t watch our children’s teachers, then they may be spouting all manner of Leftist nonsense and telling their pupils that these are facts.

As I said in the introduction, this is an exemplary piece of citizen journalism. It’s one where the subject is gently persuaded to reveal that they really don’t care about Islamic terror, are not really angry enough about FGM and dismiss any protest movement, unless it comes from the far Left. All I can say after watching this video is that I’m very pleased that she is no longer in a position to teach or possibly brainwash any more children with left wingery and I am especially thankful that she will never be teaching my child.

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  1. There is a horrible amount of left-wing thinking in teaching, so much, which pervades everything, especially current politics, religion and deemed significant events.

    After the Manchester attack at the concert, (a couple of days later), some year 4s asked the class teacher, why did the terrorist attack the children? We don’t know and we will never know.
    The next morning after the Finsbury mosque attack, the same class asked the same teacher the same question, and she said: he was a white extremist terrorist, and mentioned the word Islamophobia. The next instant, they are being played a video about Islamophobia, which says “there are some people who say all Muslims are terrorists”. To be honest, I have yet to find this grouping.
    My point here in this real-life response to the two events is: leftist ideology. She could see the evil of the attack against the followers of islam (muslims) but not the children, could not tell inform the children of ideology of the first attack.
    Indeed, in education, there is a lot of thinking like that.

  2. Oh, WOW, this young reporter is excellent. Let’s hear more from her!

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