Beheadings, mass rapes, terror and corruption; it still amazes me that we tolerate the intolerable.


I’m amazed at the tolerance and slowness to anger of the British people. I’m not criticising it because in many circumstances, these are admirable and virtuous qualities in a person or a nation. It is probably because of the traumatic effects of Britain’s history of religious wars and civil war that Britain slowly grew to be a nation of tolerance, especially religious tolerance. Britons, whether born here or those who are integrated immigrants, can disagree over religion and mostly not kill each other over it.

But how long can we or should we tolerate the intolerable aspects of Islam? Britain is on the receiving end of horrendous provocations from Islamic terrorists, Islamic groups and the ordinary follower of Islam. Islam has given us terror attacks that have destroyed the lives of innocent people, a serviceman murdered, mass rapes on an almost unimaginable scale, blatant corruption of our local authorities, and now in North London another beheading by a convert to Islam.

We’ve also had from Islam’s followers the preaching of sedition, endemic welfare parasitism, crime and the vocal expression of outrageous statements of Islamic entitlement. It is a testament to the tolerance of the average Briton, no matter who they are, and despite the terrible insults and provocations that we’ve had from Islam, that there is not one mosque burning. In many other less civilised societies, there would be a passionate expression of anger at the ideology of Islam and most likely every mosque would be in flames and the streets would be awash with blood.

I’m very glad that this is not the case here, but that doesn’t mean we should meekly tolerate Islam or its symbols or listen to the whining self-pitying voices that emanate from Islamic groups, trying to make us believe they are the victims of mindless hatred, instead of the perpetrators.

Although I’m glad that there isn’t currently violence, that continues to be one of my fears for the future. How long with the average Briton put up with Islamic violence, Islamic rape, Islamic welfare parasitism, Islamic crime, Islamic electoral corruption, Islamic sex and domestic slavery and all the rest? Islam has brought crime and violence of a much greater intensity and extent than many other groups that have made the UK their home and its followers must be treated differently to other more peaceful religious groups.

With all the horrors that the followers of Islam have subjected us to, including the recent beheadings, I’m amazed that Britons are so tolerant of what they should be finding intolerable. My concern is that such tolerance will not last much longer.

We should all pray for a political solution to the problems that the ideology of Islam has brought to the UK, because the alternatives really don’t bear thinking about.

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  1. What you state is true enough. You must be equally amazed the rest of the World was so tolerant of murder and all the other flagitious crimes of British and American Imperialism. As we suffer these latest outrages, we also conveniently forget the West’s own atrocities. If History is only a record of mankind’s crimes, Islam will contribute to that record. Religious justification being no better or worse than any ‘honourable’ motive we invented.

    • Fahrenheit211 | September 7, 2014 at 8:22 am |

      Actually, although there were aspects of gross brutality in the British Empire, such as the Amritsar Massacre, overall it was considerably less brutal than the Belgian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Empire.

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