Breaking News: Possibly more Islamic Grooming Gang arrests in East London

Operation Sapphire arrests in East London.  Arrests in Newham (surprise, surprise) and elsewhere in East London for rape and sexual exploitation of a girl under 16.

Judging by the demographics of the area, remember Newham is heavily Islamised, and the type of offence that this group of young ‘men’ have been arrested for, it is highly likely that this series of arrests may well be related to Islamic Grooming Gangs which I’ve long suspected may be operating in the Newham area.

If these arrests are related to Islamic Grooming Gang phenomena, then the big question is: “How much did Newham Council know before the arrests?”

Not much on the Sky news website at the moment and don’t hold your breath waiting for the BBC to cover this or similar cases.

Yet more evidence that Islam is the ‘Jimmy Savile’ of world religious and cultural ideologies? It is certainly looking that way.

UPDATE: A quick trawl round shows that this case is causing great anger which is visible even from the bulletin boards of mainstream sources such as at Yahoo for example:

This quote from Lee on the yahoo site caught my eye:

ee  •  41 minutes ago Report Abuse

Only a few hours after the announcement of these latest arrests. It has been reported that 2 more have been convicted of similar offences in Keighley. This is now becoming an epidemic or as I suspect, was a pandora’s box that was covered and put into a darkly lit corner, hoping that it may never have been found or just forgotten about. It’s now been exposed and the lid forced open to reveal the true costs to multicultralism.I understand that the United Kingdom has had rapists previously, but incidents now being exposed is mind boggling. It appears that Muslim gangs, now praying on young, venerable, white girls and see them a easy meat. There are 2 questions that require answering with this problem. 1. Are we as a society not proctecting these youngster enough(although these youngster are venerable, this doesn’t give these gangs the right to rape) 2. Is this a bigger goverments problem by allowing unchecked immigration and a cost driven reduction in social care.The true scale of this is becoming disturbing and only a change in govement policy and a change in society, will only stop this from becoming the norm. A statement from the Muslim council condemning these acts would be a start.”

I agree with much of what Lee has said but I don’t hold much store in statements from Islamic organisations.  Too often Islamic organisations and mosques make statements about things for example promises not to book extremist speakers, which are broken by these organisations without any apparant qualm.  A statement from Britain’s Isalmic organisation would be a start, but it wouldn’t be enough.  The Islamic religious and cultural establishment in the UK has too often dissembled on key issues and it is time for this to stop and recognise that soothing words are not enough.

Lee also talks of the cost of multiculturalism and we are starting to see just what this cost is and at present it looks like the bill for multiculturalism is being paid by the hundreds of young women and girls who have suffered and who are still suffering at the hands of Islamic Grooming Gangs.


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