From Elsewhere: One man’s comment on the rise of the Islamic ‘Shutzstaffel’ (SS) in London and the cross dressing antics of Islam’s paedophile prophet.

The Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed in a dress suited for a woman considerably older than his ‘wife’

I came across this from David Wood of the Christian anti-Jihad site, Answering Muslims. Now I don’t always agree with the approach of Answering Muslims but they are a pretty reasonable resource, provided that you realise that Mr Wood is writing in a Christian, rather than the secular context which many other anti-Jihad campaigners do.

Mr Wood speaks on the appalling and worrying phenomena of the Islamic Grooming Gangs which are being uncovered nationwide, and the so called ‘Muslim Patrols’ on the streets of East London.

He covers the subject of Mohammed the Tranny in a very funny way, by squeezing into one of his wife’s outfits while showing, with sources from the Qu’ran and Hadith, aspects of the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed’s cross dressing, including putting on his child-bride’s clothes. Mr Wood correctly says on the video that one of the best weapons against the ideology of Islam is ridicule.

See the video here!

Mr Wood is scathing about how the British Police have tiptoed around the issues surrounding the horrific problem of Islamic Grooming Gangs, and Mr Wood wondered if the suicidal multiculturalists thought that a few sexually abused and traumatised girls and young women was a small price to pay for making Britain’s Muslim guests happy.

On the subject of the ‘Muslim Patrol’ in London, which Mr Wood rightly calls an Islamic Shutzstaffel (SS), he says that news of this bunch of thugs ‘flipped his annoy me switch’.

I know how he feels as this sort of news about Islamic aggression boils my piss greatly as well. Knowing that such scumbags are (probably with the knowledge of our politically influenced Police) peddling their hate within these shores unhindered makes me feel ashamed and angry.

I’m ashamed that we have let our politicians bring us to the point where Islamic Privateers are allowed to intimidate people on our streets (as they used to do on our coasts), and angry about the rampant appeasement, by those who should know better, of the followers of what is, lets not beat about the bush, a pretty unpleasant ideology.

In Whitechapel as in Waziristan, wherever Islam goes freedom dies, freedom for women, freedom for gays, freedom for Christians, freedom of speech and of thought. These Islamic Shutzstaffel squads are a symptom that secular life in some parts of London is dying and is it any wonder, with things like this going on that 600,000 Londoners have left London? Would you for example, want to bring up a daughter in an area like Tower Hamlets or Walthamstow and now it seems Newham which has been colonised by people whose ideology appears to have no moral qualms about rape and violence?


Answering Muslims

And this is the way that Russian media sees the problem of London’s Islamic Shultzstaffel. It is shameful to us as a nation that we have tolerated and still tolerate this problem. You may notice how the Russian media allows those opposed to Islam and Shariah to speak, which I do not believe would have been the case with the same story reported by the BBC.