Would we have tolerated the Irish Republican Army running a British local authority?

Former IRA man Martin McGuinness before he renounced violence at an IRA funeral. The Jihadists who infest Tower Hamlets are a WORSE threat than the IRA were. (picture courtesy of The Sun newspaper)

Probably not would be the answer. In fact it would be more than likely that such an imaginary local authority would be subject to some sanction from Central Government, and outrage from both the local and the wider British population.

Thankfully, the IRA are no longer the great terrorist threat to the British mainland that they once were, even though Irish republican splinter groups and extremists are still active.

Worryingly, that is not the case with those Islamic groups who promote Jihad and Islamofascism, as they do control some British local authorities.

Tower Hamlets council in East London is a glaring example of this as it has been run for quite a few years now by those who sympathise or who have connections with the Jihadist group Jamaat e Islaami. Through the ‘independent’ Mayor Luftar Rahman, people with connections with Jamaat, via their European front group Islam for Europe, now control a £1 billion pound pot of taxpayers’ money. They have presided over the creation of the ultimate Islamic ‘Rotten Borough’ propped up by bent postal votes and other issues of electoral malfeasance.

Supporters of Jamaat now control schools and other public services in the borough, have turned a blind eye to the booking of treasonous and seditious speakers at council property and created a climate of fear for both non-Muslims and those Muslims who wish to leave Islam. Gangs of Islamic thugs harass people going to and from the area’s last remaining Gay pubs and clubs, with hardly any sanction from the police. Tower Hamlets encompasses the traditional ‘East End’ of London which was at one point a very mixed port area and home to hard-working people, many of whom like the Huguenots and the Jews came there freeing oppression.

Now Tower Hamlets is an oppressive Islamic ghetto, where English non-Muslim people of whatever race or background live in fear. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am, an area that was once a haven for Jews is now a place where wearing a Jewish skullcap (Kippah) is liable to get you hospitalised or worse by one of the gangs of Islamic thugs who now control the streets there. The police, schools, libraries, social services, housing departments and other services have to a greater or lesser degree been corrupted by the influence of Islamic politics. Even the local paper the East London Advertiser is now alleged to be getting more subservient to the demands of the Islamic groups controlling the Tower Hamlets area.

In the entities such as Islam for Europe, Jamaat e Islaami, the London Muslim Centre and the East London Mosque and also in the personages of Luftar Rahman the ‘elected’ mayor and senior people in Tower Hamlets Council we have a worrying analogue to the IRA. We have in this borough which is adjacent to the City of London, people and organisations who commit violence, excuse violence or turn a blind eye to violence and who are also actively working to attack the British state and British people.

Anybody with even a basic knowledge of British and Irish history can see that such a situation where the IRA/Sinn Fein, prior to their renouncement of violence, would be allowed to control a local administration the size of Tower Hamlets would never have been allowed to happen. Why then are scummy jihadists and supporters of political Islam allowed to control a London borough?

Sadly it appears that the national powers that be have decided that defending democracy and defending Britain and its culture should take second place to keeping the bearded savages of Tower Hamlets happy. That to my mind is a disgusting state of affairs.

The Government should immediately place Tower Hamlets under direct rule from Whitehall, thoroughly investigate and remove anyone with suspicion of association with the dangerous entities and individuals that infest Tower Hamlets. The East London Mosque also needs to have its status as ‘honest broker and community representative’ removed because it is a hotbed of jihadist encouragment. Then after two or three years when the Islamists have been isolated and removed the government should ship in electoral officials from other more honest boroughs and call fresh, non corrupt elections. These actions will obviously be countered by the Islamofash who currently control Tower Hamlets, there will be whines of ‘Islamophobia’, there will be both threats of violence and actual violence from the Islamic head-cases and the political Left will turn their lie and smear machines up to 11, but it MUST be done. The British Government should no longer tolerate a London Borough being run by an Islamic fifth column.

The current political set up in Tower Hamlets would shame a third world banana republic and it is shameful to Britain as a nation that this situation is not only tolerated but far too often excused.

Islam is a threat to this country greater than that posed by the IRA, that should be reason enough to intervene in Tower Hamlets.


Links and background

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