Savages kill a British ex-serviceman Anybody else think that Bearded Savagery could be behind the attack?

David Ryding, another victim of Jihad?

There is a very disturbing recent case that has been highlighted by the Jewish Division of the English Defence League. It concerns an attack on an ex-serviceman,resulting in his death.

The attack happened in Rugby, Warwicksire where a former member of the First Battalion the the Mercian Regiment was attacked by a group of men at a taxi rank in the early hours of Sunday 7th July 2013.

The victim, David Ryding aged 26, originally from the Wirral, Merseyside, was beaten so badly that he died following the attack.

Although three people have been arrested for the attack, one for murder and two others for affray and investigations are ongoing, there have been no names of suspects released, no stated motive, nor any description of those held or any descriptions issued of others that the police may be interested in, nor any call for potential witnesses. This ‘Omerta’ on the part of the police does raise suspicions that although this may be an example of the sort of ‘saturday night pissed up violence’ that goes on too often in our towns and cities, there could be an Islamic aspect to this killing.

We have seen this silence, for ‘community cohesion reasons’ of course, from the police before when Muslims are arrested or suspected of crimes. For example there is a lot of suspicion that the Muswell Hill mosque fire was a self inflicted wound for insurance purposes, but the police are staying silent on these rumours because it suits the multiculturalist narrative to blame the fire on patriots and those opposed to the ideology of Islam.

This may well turn out to be common or garden ‘did you look at my bird’ violence or an argument over a taxi that tragically escalated, but on the other hand it may well not be. The silence on behalf of the police does fuel suspicions that there is an Islamic motive behind this attack. How the police are handling this is very different to how a non fatal attack on a serving soldier in Barnsley was reported. In the Barnsley case, the victims family went out of their way to say that the suspects were white British men (although one cannot discount white Islamic converts as suspects), to quite rightly avoid the attack being mis-categorised as a Jihadist one. The silence on the part of the police in the Rugby case speaks volumes. If it is ‘white British people’ who have been arrested then say so. Hiding the identities like this only fuels rumours that we’ve seen yet another Jihadist attack.

If I’m wrong, and this is not a jihadist attack, then I shall amend or remove this article accordingly, until then it goes into my ‘suspect’ file.


The local newspaper source for the Rugby attack story is here:

The Barnsley Chronicle article on a non fatal, still brutal, attack on a serving soldier with a description of attackers.

Note the explicit denial by the mother of the victim, in the link above, that the attackers were ‘asian’. Why is there not a similar ‘fire extinguisher ‘ statement for the Rugby case?  Could it be that the attackers are bearded savages?

English Defence League Jewish Division.