Another Muslim sex attack. This time in Brighton.

The beach at Brighton. Yet another place where bearded savage nonces are making their unwelcome and unwanted presence felt.

Despite the media using the codeword ‘Asian’ we all know who is most likely to have sexually attacked two young girls swimming off of Brighton Beach don’t we?

It is more than likely that there will be a high ‘Mohammed coeficient ‘ in this case, because this sort of vile behaviour, done with impunity on a public beach, has all the hallmarks of yet another Islamic sex attack.

The Brighton Argus said:

“Young seaside revellers were sexually assaulted while swimming in the sea at the weekend.

Police are appealing for witnesses after two separate incidents of sexual assault by touching, involving an 11- year-old girl and a 16-year-old female Swedish student, on Brighton beach on Sunday.

The 16-year-old Swedish student was swimming with friends in the sea opposite the Metropole Hotel when they were approached by five men of Asian appearance at about 2.30pm.

As the friends tried to move away from the men, who were said to be hassling them, one of the suspects grabbed the student and touched her.

Around half an hour later at 3pm, an 11-year-old girl and her friend were also in the water close to the West Pier when they were approached by an Asian man.

The man picked the victim up and threw her in the air before grabbing and touching her.

She swam away and sought help from another beach user and a lifeguard who then alerted the police. “

The Argus added:

“Officers searched the beach for the man but could not find him.”

Would I be too cynical in wondering what would happened if someone had walked along Brighton beach wearing an anti Islam tee shirt? I bet they would have found said tee shirt wearer pretty sharpish then.

The problem of Islamic sex attacks,and not just sex attacks committed by Muslims but sex attacks caused and encouraged by the ideology of Islam itself are not going to go away. I have no confidence in the police that they will catch this nonce nor to I have any faith that the justice system will punish this bearded savage as he deserves to be punished, should the police actually be arsed to catch him. After all in the green party ‘paradise’ of Brighton, the police probably spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with diversity bollocks, instead of keeping residents and visitors safe from harm and especially keeping them safe from the backwards bearded savages which appear to be infesting too many areas of this once great nation.


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