More ‘Fakestinian’ child abuse

The so-called Palestinians, filling their children with hate.

The media of the so-called ‘Palestinian Authority’ has yet again proved to the world that the Jordanian/Egyptian squatters who reside in the areas of Yehuda and Shomron (aka the West Bank of the Jordan) are the real aggressors, the real promoters of hatred.

We have known for years just how deep and vile is the hatred for non-Muslims that is encouraged by Fakestinian parents, media, society and the political system, but it still shocks to see children brought up to hate like this.  This goes beyond patriotism and beyond acceptable politics, this is the sort of political child abuse that we saw over 80 years ago being practised by the Hitler Youth.

The Commentator blog has featured one particular programme monitored by Palestinian Media Watch which showed a young girl reciting a hate filled poem calling for the destruction of the state of Israel and the destruction of Jews.

The Commentator said:

“A recent broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV’s Palestine This Morning programme has featured two little girls voicing extreme anti-Semitic remarks comparing Jews to monkeys and pigs.

According to watchdog organisation Palestiniian Media Watch (PMW), the broadcast went out on July 3, and the two children were sisters. Prompted by the presenter, the girls are shown taking it in turns to recite the words of a poem about struggle, violence and fearlessness over Jerusalem.

Jews are described variously as the “most evil among creations” as “barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs” and as “filth” “

The sort of scum who practise this sort of Islamic mental child abuse are the sort of people whom Obama believes are ‘partners for peace.’  How can anyone make peace with such vile hatred?  Could anyone trust any promise they made?  If they abuse their own children like this, what would they do to yours?  The answers to all three of these questions are only and idiot would make peace with the so called Palestinians, you cannot trust Fakestinians words of peace, and the answer to the third question just doesn’t bear thinking about.


The Commentator blog