Video: The man who gave the warning.

Although I am often scathing about the ideology of Islam, and I believe rightly so, I must not ignore the true peacemakers.  I was pointed by the  HP article that I referenced previously, on moderate Muslims, in the direction of this video by a Sufi cleric, Hisham Kabbani,  He condemns Wahhabism, and for that, has earned the enmity of groups such as the Hamas-linked Council of American Islamic Relations.   Well worth watching. He was right when he said that some Muslims, have fled oppression to the West, but have found that the West has now imported the very oppressors they fled from.

Anyway, it’s only a short vid. About 4 mins or so.

For speaking peace, he was excluded from the wider Islamic community.  That is wrong, and should inform us all, of the scale of the problem that we face with aggressive Islam.  How do you deal with an ideology which in Mr Kabbani’s case saw him as an enemy because he wished peace?  One thing we should definitely not do is pander to, or allow anymore ‘cultural advantage’  to those within the ideology of Islam who see the peacemakers as enemies.

When peacemakers are not safe, that is a problem.

Anyway here’s his Wiki.

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  1. Paris Claims | November 3, 2013 at 9:17 pm |

    If he’s an observant muslim he must believe that there should be a world wide caliphate. If he doesn’t believe that, he’s in the wrong religion. Islam is not a smorgasbord.

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