From Elsewhere: The voice of the truly integrated, moderate Muslim speaks.

This is a perspective that is vital is heard. This is from a truly moderate Muslim, Mehrdad Amanpour, who has rejected the cruel Shariah, and the oppression of orthodox Islam and who interpreted Islam in a way that is in the best sense of the word, liberal.

Speaking about how out of kilter he felt with the mainstream Islamic community and how the media often give a free pass to Islamic speakers, including one from Luton called Abdul Qadeer Baksh who said that gays should be killed, ‘in an ideal Islamic society’.  Mr Amanpour said:

“The media and the political class know deep down that people like me no longer represent the views of British Muslims.

I believe that hadud punishments are wrong – killing or maiming a human being is never justifiable. I support free speech, even if it is critical of the Prophet or challenges the beliefs of some Muslims. I believe that adults must be free to have consensual sex in private with whomever they wish. I believe that a Muslim must be free to leave Islam. Crucially, I believe that these rights must apply here, everywhere, today and forever. And I believe that any such ‘crimes’, if they are even crimes, are for Allah alone to judge.

Whilst I’m not alone as a Muslim in holding such beliefs, people like me are very much on our own. We face overwhelming hostility from the ‘vast majority of moderate Muslims’. We’re accused of causing fitnah and of being murtad – apostates, and as such we too warrant the death penalty alongside homosexuals in Baksh’s ideal Islamic state.

It’s ironic that in modern Britain, it is far, far more dangerous for me to state my beliefs in public in than it is for Baksh to state his.

What chance do people like me have when the ‘great and good’, the liberal media and the ‘anti-fascist’ organisations that ought to be supporting and defending us, instead support and defend those who believe we should die? In an ‘ideal’ world.

The gutless media. The unprincipled trade unions, universities and student unions that turn a blind eye to the wickedness being promoted in their midst. The hypocritical ‘anti-fascist’ organisations that enable and defend hate. Most of all, the lickspittle political class. Shame on them all.

Extreme’ has quietly become ‘moderate’ whilst Europeans have been too polite, too unprincipled or too cowardly to object.

There are those who say, “Islam needs a ‘Reformation”. To them I say “Look around you – the Reformation has already taken place”.

Please read the rest via the link below. I found it very moving. It really shows how the true moderate Muslim is so often on their own

I don’t know about you but it saddens me to see a person who genuinely ‘seeks the peace of the city‘ so to speak, should feel so alone and so isolated in his view.  It does not bode well for the future.



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  1. James Strong | November 2, 2013 at 7:07 am |

    What he says is to be welcomed.
    But is he a muslim?
    He may have been born into a muslim family and society, but he now rejects important parts of Islamic belief.
    But he is unable to say that he is an ex-muslim.
    Isn’t this another indication of how evil the mohammedan belief system is?
    I used to be a believing Christian; in many ways I wish I could believe in a faith that I would find very comforting, but I can’t believe it.
    Do you know how much fear I feel when I say I am no longwer a Christian?
    None at all.

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