‘Russian’ Muslims threaten violence if mosque isn’t built in Kaliningrad

Oh look it’s the ‘Religion of Peace’ being ‘peaceful ‘ again.  If the builders of a church or a synagogue or a Hindu temple or a Sikh Gurudwara found that their plans were thwarted by city planning authorities, they’d probably sit down with the city council and those opposed to try to work something out that was beneficial to all.  Not so the leader of Kaliningrads ‘Religion of Exploding to Pieces’.  Not for him the mutual respect and dialogue that civilised people use in debate over contentious issues.  For the Kalingrad Muslims, the first option they reach for is to threaten violence.

A Russian website, rosbalt.ru, reports that a Muslim leader in Kaliningrad has said that if a mosque isn’t built there then Muslims will get violent.

“Chairman of the Muslim religious community of Kaliningrad Irshat Khisamov not exclude that the suspension of the construction of the mosque can cause massive unrest adherents of Islam.

“People are angry, until we calm them and conduct interviews. However, we can not rule out unrest, do not run articles of the Constitution,” – said Irshat Khisamov portal “Klops.ru” . Muslims representative addressed to the governor Nikolai Tsukanov and head of the city Alexander Yarashuk requested resolve the situation.

According to him, the claim from the museum “Friedland Gate” with the demand to stop construction of a mosque in the South Park was signed under duress. “They ordered one on top, but do not know who. Museum director By Marina poisons come already prepared a lawsuit. We have always had good” neighborly “relations, we helped each other,” – said Irshat Khisamov. He explained that the court decision recognized only when the bailiffs came to suspe
Подробнее:http://www.rosbalt.ru/federal/2013/12/02/1206305.htmlnd the construction of the mosque. At that time the chairman of the Muslim religious community was on vacation.”November 27, to the territory of the mosque being built without warning came the bailiffs. Suspend construction OMON bus arrived with guns. We were forced to completely stop construction,” – said Irshat Khisamov.

As reported, the court suspended the construction of a mosque in Kaliningrad. In regional management FSSP explained that the prohibition to resolve the dispute concerns the construction of two plots of land in the South Park. Decision rendered by Central District Court on the suit cultural institutions of the urban district “The city of Kaliningrad” – Museum Fridlanskie gate “, which is adjacent to the protracted construction project.

Plaintiff believes illegal decree by the head of the Kaliningrad 3 August 2009 on free sites religious organization town’s Muslims to build a mosque and the road to it. Court will soon have to give legal assessment of these documents, but until further construction of the mosque is forbidden.

Bailiffs closed area construction and building cabins.

Recall that the construction of the mosque protested against the locals, and in November 2011, 20-year-old welder tried to blow up a mosque being built a homemade balloon.”

Please note that the above text is an electronic translation from Russian into English and therefore there may be significant errors in some words translated.  The original Russian language text can be obtained from the rosbalt website via the link below.


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  1. The Russians take a much more robust view of these thing than lilly livered western governments do , I very much doubt if they will allow themselves to be intimidated

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 9, 2013 at 12:48 pm |

      It’s not just the government of Russia who take a more robust view, the people do too. IIRC a few months back the Bearded Savages got a bit arsey and the Russians fought back over a few nights of rioting.

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