Provocation – we are probably going to see a lot more of this sort of thing.

Mohammed Dar, the Islamic intimidation perpetrator from Alfreton, Derbyshire.


This story from Alfreton in Derbyshire could be seen as just another ‘nuisance neighbour’ problem, but this case has a troubling Islamic aspect to it, because it involved causing people to fear violence of a distinctly Islamic kind. It is a story with Islamic intimidation written all over it. At a time when Christians in the Middle East are faced with forced conversion to Islam, subjugation or death; for someone to turn up in a church wearing an ‘Allah hu Akbar’ headband is bound to terrify people.

Thankfully this particular Islamo-fraggle has been jailed for 24 weeks, but how many others like him are out there?

The local newspaper for the Alfreton area, The Mansfield and Ashfield Chad, reported a long list of Islam-themed intimidation, harrasment and stalking carried out by Mohammed Dar aged 52.

The Chad said:

Tormented residents have told how a nuisance neighbour who walked into a church “dressed like a terrorist” and plagued a neighbour with references to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby made their lives a misery.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Mohammed Dar, 52, of Ley Gardens, Alfreton, walked into the New Life Church, in Alfreton, on Remembrance Sunday masked in a headscarf and bandana enscribed with the words God is Great in Arabic.

Dar also stalked neighbour Louise Mountford and preyed on her by stating Lee Rigby, who was murdered by Islamic extremists, had deserved to die.

After Dar was jailed for 24 weeks, a Ley Gardens Residents Group spokesman said: “His behaviour, extremist views and actions have seriously affected our quality of life, frightened elderly residents and our children.

Whilst the police have now acknowledged that Mr Dar is a cause for concern, it is the residents of Ley Gardens that have lived with his unpredictable behaviour.”

Dar shouted at the church congregation to “turn to Allah” and that “Islam sent boys aged ten to war”.

The defendant told the court he had gone to a Remembrance parade before going to the church and slow-clapped to show his respect to Muslims who “had been slaughtered like pigs in Iraq and Afghanistan”.

Witness Cheryl Taylor-Warriner stated: “Within minutes he shouted, ‘This is rubbish, you should be preaching Allah, turn to Islam. We send boys of ten to war.’

He was dressed like a terrorist. I thought he may have a gun or a bomb or some sort of weapon. I was so frightened.”

I have every sympathy with Ms Taylor-Warriner for thinking that Dar could be one of those ‘exploding Muslims’ that haunt many people’s nightmares.

As regards this case representing the problematic ideology of Islam, it has almost the full set of nasties. Firstly there is the dishonest whining about Muslims being victims of violence, when all too often it is Muslims who are the perpetrators of violence. Then there is the act of intimidation against Christians, the blatant disrespect for British troops, on Rememberance Day of all days, the stalking of frightened women, and the mocking reference to Lee Rigby, who, as we all know, was another victim of Islamic violence on the streets of Britain.

I have to ask the question, how and why was this fraggle on the outside for so long? If I protested at a Mosque wearing a ‘Kill Hamas’ T-shirt, or disrupted a ‘diversity’ event or stalked my local Imam, I’d quite rightly be arrested so quickly my feet wouldn’t touch the ground. Yes, of course the police should initially at least, offer advice to all parties in neighbourhood disputes that go bad, but I can’t help thinking that if the victims had been Muslims, moaning about ‘racism’, then swifter action may have been taken by the authorities against the perpetrator. In the current political and social climate, it will be difficult for many to dismiss the idea that this is an example of an Islamic double standard at work again. Why was he allowed to continue to harass and intimidate his neighbours for so long and why has he been given a prison sentence that means that he will be out in about 12 weeks? In a time when two young people get a lengthy prison sentence for putting bacon on a mosque door, to jail this Islamo-fraggle for only 24 weeks, when he is someone who did genuinely put people in fear for their lives, is a travesty of justice.

If intimidatory savages like Dar are allowed freedom to intimidate and get lesser sentences than non-Muslims get, then this will not reduce Islamic intimidation, but will only encourage it.


The Mansfield and Ashton Chad newspaper

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  1. Robert the Biker | July 18, 2014 at 10:34 am |

    I wonder what plod will do if (when) someone fills this bastard in on one of his little jaunts and then rightly claims that they were in fear of him.
    There is ,after all, a right to self defence and the thought of some piece of muslim shit going off with a bang would allow a fairly robust response wouldn’t it?

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 18, 2014 at 10:53 am |

      I’m sorry but if I was at a place of worship and someone came in wearing a Allah hu Akbar headband, I’d be tempted to batter them before they got a chance to take a pew. Dar must have known that wearing an Allah hu Akbar headband in a church and gobbing off would, in the context of too many Moslems being violent headcases, cause people to fear for their lives.

  2. Typo in a couple of places: it’s the The Mansfield and Ashfield Chad.

  3. Furor Teutonicus | July 20, 2014 at 11:37 pm |


    You do not cure a rabid dog by confining it in its kennel for a couple of weeks. You SHOOT the bastard.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 21, 2014 at 5:51 am |

      I wonder how long it will be before this scumbag is back to his old tricks again?

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