Reflections on a death ignored.

Kriss Donald – Forgotten by the ‘race industry’.

At roughly 7pm on the 15th March 2014 it will be the tenth anniversary of the murder of Kriss Donald a Scottish schoolboy who was killed in the most appalling and bestial way by Islamic savages.

You may not have heard in the mainstream media, especially the BBC, about young Mr Donald and how he savagely met his death, probably because the media will be full of the latest outpourings of outrage about the Lawrence case, stoked up by Doreen ‘look at me’ Lawrence. Kriss Donald, unlike Stephen Lawrence has not been gifted media space and facilities in newspapers etc that if it was paid for at advertising rates would have cost the Lawrence’s many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

You probably won’t hear La Lawrence or David Cameron or any other of the ‘great and good’ speaking out against the racist murder of Kriss Donald on this anniversary like they have about the murder of Stephen Lawrence on that anniversary. In respect of the Kriss Donald case there has been no high profile Lefty led campaign for justice or harsh sentencing of the offenders, or a review of policing or greater effort to be put into stopping Islamic savages from killing people. To the Left and those whose constituency is pandering to the politics of race and religion, people like Kriss Donald just do not exist. They are the inconvenient truth that, like Islamic Grooming Gangs, they would much prefer never saw the light of day.

We must not forget Kriss Donald, no matter how much the mainstream politicians, the BBC, and the nexus of leftwing schmoozery that now makes up our public and charity sectors, would like him to be forgotten.

For those unfamiliar with the Kriss Donald case the details make harrowing reading and it is an utter scandal that this case isn’t as equally high profile as that of the Lawrence case.



As an addendum it seems that one of the murdering Islamic scumbags who took Kriss Donald’s life is unrepentant and how he has referred to himself in poems as ‘bringer of death’. It is a shame that this disgusting excuse for a human being is not dangling from a gallows


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  1. From the report of Kris’ murder: After the jury’s verdict Mrs Donald stood outside the court surrounded by family and friends, and said simply : “Justice has been done. It is over.”

    What dignity, in contrast to “Baroness” Lawrence.

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