Support Tim Burton on April 8th 2014.

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On the 8th April 2014, a man will go on trial at a magistrates court in Birmingham, West Midlands, for calling an unpleasant man from an organisation of questionable probity, an unpleasant name. The defendant did not, as far as I can make out, issue any threat to either the unpleasant man or his family and friends, the defendant only referred to the unpleasant man as ‘A mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artist’.

The man who is to go on trial, purely for speaking his mind about a public personage and their organisaiton, is Mr Tim Burton of the LibertyGB party and the allegedly aggrieved person is one Fiyaz Mughal of the Tell Mama organisation. Those who are familiar with this story will need no background but for those who do, Fiyaz Mughal heads an ‘anti Islamic hate-crime’ monitor called Tell Mama which lost its public funding because it was discovered to be being economical with the truth when it came to the number of anti-Islamic hate crimes that had occurred. Fiyaz Mughal chucked his toys out of the pram when Mr Burton called Mughal ‘a mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artist’ and Mughal complained to West Midlands Police (a force that has been penetrated and influenced to a worrying degree by activists from Tell Mama) who then arrested Mr Burton on a racial hatred charge.

This is quite plainly a case that is more to do with Fiyaz and Friends wanting to shut down criticism instead of wanting the police to act against a genuine threat.

The only threat here is Fiyaz Mughal’s threat to free speech by bringing this case and because of this threat and the bullying of Mr Burton it is vital that people support Mr Burton in any way they can, even if they do not agree with his politics because allowing self important propagandists like Fiyaz Mughal to exercise any sway over speech would be a disaster for free speech in Britain.

Please visit the Liberty GB site and see what you can do to help Mr Burton and his fight against mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists like Fiyaz Mughal.

If there is one silver lining to the very dark cloud that this case represents then it is that by bringing this case, Fiyaz Mughal has popularised both the phrase ‘mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artist’ and knowledge as to whom that phrase has been applied. This is a glaring example of the Streisand Effect in action and very satisfying it is too.

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  1. Brittanicus – Thank you for your support in this matter. The outcome of this trial will be a crucial landmark in determining how far our freedoms have been eroded. For my part, I am unconcerned over whether I personally am convicted or acquitted of the charge against me, it is more important to highlight how freedom of speech throughout the Western world is under threat due to the obsessive pandering by our political elites to the permanently offended followers of a backward and barbaric ideology.

    In the meantime, sell your house, sell your car, sell your dog, sell your wife’s jewellery – hell, sell your wife – and donate to the Catstrangler101 Legal Defence Fund on the Liberty GB website at or on my blog at

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 3, 2014 at 5:00 pm |

      Well I can’t sell my wife (she’d kick my head in if I tried that) but I will tithe 10% of the profits from my Mendacious Grievance-Monger t-shirt to your fund.

      • That’s very kind, and in return I will promote your website / blog at every opportunity. In the meantime I will keep you updated with developments concerning the trial. Oh, and listen out for The Adventures of Fizzy Muggles with Mike Holt at Restore Australia / Red Fox Blog Talk Radio.

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