It’s humour time. Poking some po-faced poltroons who really deserve it

Tell Me More is spreading the laughter this summer.

It’s always nice to know that people read my stuff. It’s even nicer when other people take what I’ve written and run with it and use it, along with other stuff, as a cudgel with which to wallop some very deserving targets.

It seems that this blog’s recent piss take out of a recruiting advert put out by the troubling ‘anti-Islamophobia’ organisation Tell Mama, has reached the ears of another of Tell Mama’s foes, and in response to TM’s recruiting advert, they composed this application letter:

To whom it may concern,

I see that I have just missed the deadline of 31 March for my application to be considered for the post recently advertised on your website.

However, it’s probably just as well, as those who know me consider to be honest and trustworthy, and as such, I would most likely NOT fit in with a cowboy outfit like yours, run as it is by the Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist-in-Chief, “Fizzy Bollocks” Mughal.

It’s a real shame, because otherwise I am qualified – nay – some might say over-qualified, to fulfill all the requirements of this position, together with the ability to dispense some much-needed honesty and integrity which appears to be sadly missing from your organisation on every level.

Fortunately, my current gainful employment will undoubtedly sustain me for the foreseeable future, so please don’t worry about parachuting me into the position over the heads of your less-qualified applicants who have managed to submit their application forms by the due date.

Just as a reminder of what you are missing, I herewith attach a link to the write-up of my recent court case, as published in the New English Review.

Yours faithfully,

Timothy M Burton

The response from Tell Mama tells us a whole lot more about Tell Mama than it did about the person who decided to take the rise out of the ‘mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artists.

Tell Mama said:

Your communication has been passed onto the MET. Cease and desist in sending us any further communication. You have been notified.

Best Wishes,


Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks,


Freephone Helpline: 0800 456 1226

SMS us: 0115 707 00 07

Join us on Facebook: tellmamauk

Join us on Twitter: @tellmamauk


It should be noted by readers that rather than ignoring this bit of humour or even laughing along with it, or challenging it, Tell Mama’s first response was to engage po-face mode and threaten the communicator with arrest by the Metropolitan Police. This shows that TM are a thin-skinned organisation whose first response is to try to bluster and threaten people with their ‘police mates’. It’s all very ‘playground’ and reminds me of the ‘my Dad’s bigger than your Dad’ sort of thing.

Tell Mama’s mistake in waving the big stick of the Metropolitan Police about rapidly became clear

To whom it may concern,

Well, that’s not very Christian of you. However, my email and your reply will no doubt prove a great topic of conversation on our radio shows in the UK, Canada, Australia  and the USA. So thank you very much for that!

Yours faithfully,

Timothy M Burton

Cue yet more bad publicity for Tell Mama coming up in 5…..4….3….2….1

The joker job applicator then said in conclusion:

To whom it may concern,

I forgot to thank you for passing my communication on to the Middle East Transgender organisation. I think that it’s wonderful that you have such an enlightened group that supports persecuted minorities in this way.

It’s such a welcome change from the backward, misogynistic seventh century attitudes that we have come to expect from the followers of your ideology.

On a separate note, I do hope that you will be able to support the forthcoming “Reform, Renounce, Or Get The Hell Out Of My Country” petition recently initiated by Jeppe Juhl. He refers in this article mainly to Denmark, but obviously we all have the same problems with this fascist, totalitarian political ideology wherever we happen to be in the Western world, as I am sure you will agree.

Yours faithfully,

Timothy M Burton

I think that the fact that TM went running to the police so early in this exchange, shows that they are a cowardly morally dubious organisation that cannot defend themselves in any other way apart from hiding behind a policeman. TM block critics on social media and leave provably untrue stories up on their website (to contrast, I try to remove inaccuracies within 48 hours if possible). They fail to check provenances of those who bring ‘Islamophobia’ stories them and in one case exploited a vulnerable mentally ill person by using their story without examining this person’s back story, which included long periods of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act. To re use a very old and good phrase, I would not buy a used car from the staff of Tell Mama.

Well done Mr B for poking TM into a suitable and self damning response.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! More please.

  2. Jeff Wood | April 5, 2016 at 9:00 pm |

    I haven’t been able to look in for a while, so you may have seen this, and apologies if you have. More humour:

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 6, 2016 at 9:13 am |

      I missed this one. Nice one! There needs to be a British version aimed at the poisonous Deobandis and TJ types.

  3. Tim, let’s get you back on the Gotcha! Radio Show mate. And how about poking a bit of fun at our dwarf PM Turdbull? He could do with some taking down a peg or three.

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