It is time to open our ears and listen; and to open our eyes and see. There must be no more denial.

Over the last couple of days the news media has carried two stories that should make all of us in Europe wake up.

The first one was the shooting dead of 4 people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, and the second was an attack on two Jewish men outside a Synagogue in Creteil, south-east of Paris. These are not isolated attacks. They follow on from the attacks that killed a teacher and three children in Toulouse, France in 2012 and a sharp rise in anti-Semitic attacks and rhetoric in Europe.

The murderous attack in Brussels and the wanton attack in France should not be seen in isolation. Instead they should be seen as a warning, and not only a warning to European Jews, but to everyone no matter what community they come from, who believes in freedom and justice.

It is highly likely that the Paris attack and the Brussels attack were the work of either Islamic thugs or the anti-Semitic far-right, who have been emboldened by the fact that when it comes to Jew hatred there is now not much to choose between the political Left and the political Right. It used to be that European Jews could rely on some democratic Leftists to stand up to those who want to kill or oppress them, but not any more. Not only are the Left are not standing up to such hatred, instead they are acting as enthusiastic cheerleaders for it.

Europe has a Jew-hating problem and the time has come to stop denying that there is a problem and where this problem is coming from. It is plain to see that although Europe has always had anti-Semitism, the amount and severity of recent attacks has risen along with the number of followers of Islam in Europe. Since the end of WWII, Far Right, Neo-Nazi Jew hatred has been a problem, but when compared to the Shoah or the Russian pogroms or other oppressions, a relatively low level one. The small number of deluded Jew-hating jackboot lickers could be kept under surveillance or dealt with by police and legal means. Today’s problems of anti-Semitism are different and far more serious. Across Europe there are Islamic ghettos filled with people who lap up Islamic Jew-hatred with their mother’s milk and they are far too numerous for police actions or legal sanction to deal with them. There doesn’t seem to be the political will to deal with the problems that mass Islamic immigration is causing, both to Jews and to non-Jews.

This problem cannot be solved by ignoring it, or joining happy clappy ‘interfaith’ groups or like Britain’s Liberal Judaism joining up with overt socialist Islamo-pandering organisations like Citizens UK. European Jew-hatred cannot be solved by expressions of sadness by politicians or finger-wagging by Christian Clerics or appeals for peace that will be ignored on the ground. It cannot be solved by earnest appeals for a political solution for the Middle East or giving money to Unite Against Fascism or by voting Labour.

A solution to Islamic and Leftist Jew-hatred can only come from attacking the poisonous seed from which much modern European anti-Semitism comes. We should not shy away from speaking that poisonous seed’s name and its name is Islam and its modern handmaiden, Socialism.

It is no co-incidence that Jew-hatred has risen again like a zombie just as Islam has risen in Europe. It was Islam that killed or drove out Jews from the Arabian peninsula, it was Islam that kept Jews as second class citizens in medieval Al Andalus, it was Islam that murdered Jews in the 1920s in British Mandate Palestine and it was Islam that expelled Jews from Arab and other Muslim lands from 1948.

Enough is enough. The lies must stop, the denial must stop and we must admit where this problem is coming from and start to do something serious about it. We need to join together, Jew and non-Jew, atheist and religious, conservative or liberal and pour some political weed-killer on the poisonous seed of Islam that too many politicians mistakenly have allowed to grow like bindweed on European soil.  It was utter madness to import the ideology of Islam, an ideology that has for centuries encouraged hatred of Jews, into Europe so soon after European politicians and others pledged ‘Never Again’ following the Holocaust.  The phrase ‘from frying pan to fire’ comes to mind when I consider the stupidity of this particular action.

The problem with Islamic Jew-hatred is not just a Jewish problem, it is a problem for all Europeans. It has been said that Jews are Europe’s ‘canary in the coal mine’ and if the canary dies and no-one pays attention, the next group to suffocate will be the others in Europe who Islam perceives to be ‘kuffar’ or ‘infidels’. Today it is Europe’s Jews, tomorrow it could be you.

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  1. ..and our jewish MP who was chased and thretened by islamists during his election campaign still gets death threats…and the police cant find anyone…

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