Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

The Niqab, neither it nor what it represents is wanted in Britain. The sight of it, and the meaning of it, is offensive. It represents misogyny.
The Niqab, neither it nor what it represents is wanted in Britain. The sight of it, and the meaning of it, is offensive. It represents misogyny.

The Niqab, neither it nor what it represents is wanted in Britain. The sight of it, and the meaning of it, is offensive. It represents misogyny. It should be banned. 

It seems that the Muslimahs of Leicester are a little bit miffed that the Black Cloak of Death’ is not welcome in parts of Leicester. They are complaining that when they go to certain non-Muslim dominated parts of Leicester then people shout ‘terrorist’ at them. My answer to these Niqabi’s complaints is ‘oh dear, how sad, never mind’, and also to advise them that if you do walk around in what many people see as being the equivalent to wearing an SS uniform, then you should expect some verbal aggravation at the very least.

This piece below from the Leicester Mercury is just dripping with victimhood claiming by the followers of Islam. They cannot see that it is the manner of their dress and what this dress represents that is causing them to be disliked in parts of Leicester. Just as the wearing of, on a day to day basis, a World War II German uniform and insisting that you can walk round unmolested whilst wearing it, is about the only equivalent I can think of to what the Niqab does to non-Muslims. It is these Muslimahs who are in the wrong here. They are wrong to insist on British people putting up with the wearing of a garment that represents what many people see as many different levels of wrongness.

We see the horrific death tolls clocked up in Muslim on Muslim wars throughout the world, we live in cities and towns where, because Islam doesn’t show worth to non-Muslim women and children, there has been rape after rape, and grooming gang after grooming gang. We have seen members of our armed forces killed or injured fighting Jihadis in Afghanistan or even more horrifically, murdered on a British street. We have endured umpteen examples of corruption that involves Muslim councillors, social services staff and other public servants. We have even seen Muslim police officers pass information about forthcoming arrests. We have seen our own elderly, sick and deserving poor forced to live in rapidly deteriorating Islamic ghettos, where they have no hope of voting out those who divert funds and resources to their chosen Islamic causes, because the electoral system itself has been compromised.

Britain has also been chosen as home by many different peoples over the centuries, and they have all left, or are leaving their mark. Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Germans, all came here to appreciate what this country had to offer and in many cases contribute much that we now take for granted as parts of British life. Those people who are peaceful and integrated and loyal also have much to lose at the hands of the ideology of Islam. The Sikhs and Hindus have had their daughters targeted by Islamic grooming gangs and cruelly misused, just as white British girls have been abused. The reason why many Jewish schools have hi tech security and extensive physical barriers, is not because of a threat from the deluded ‘jackboot lickers’ who are few in number, but the followers of the violent ideology of Islam.

We see these problems that Islam brings, we don’t like it, and we want to see something done about it. I would be one of the first to demonstrate if people were being excluded from an area on the grounds of the colour of their skin alone. However, these Niqabis are not being judged on the colour of their skin, they are being judged on the content of their character, or rather by the despised ideology that they belong to.

The Leicester Mercury said (my comments in plain text):

Muslim women who wear a full veil say there are no-go areas in Leicester which they feel frightened to visit – even in a car.

Have you not considered just why the full veil is disliked? The Black Cloak of Death and variants thereof, are not something that should be welcomed anywhere in a civilised country. Other religions such as Christianity and Judaism have ‘modesty’ rules of various types but don’t encase women in mobile canvas prisons. The Niqab and similar are outstandingly offensive to modern British tastes and has no place in a modern Britain.

They claim they are subjected to abuse every day and that it is getting increasingly difficult to avoid such incidents in the city centre.

When people get annoyed at the symbols of the ideology that you wear, then it is not always racism. If you wear the symbols of a hateful women hating ideology then you should expect some problems. Again have these Muslimah’s considered just why what they wear is disliked?

The revelations are contained in a new book by two criminology lecturers at the University of Leicester.

More than 100 Leicester-based Muslim women were interviewed over a 12-month period for the book, called Islamophobia, Victimisation and the Veil.

So no bias there then and with such a stunningly large and comprehensive sample as well <sarcasm off> This raises questions about probity and method. They had a year to do this survey and could only get 100 usable interviews? You’d expect such a workrate from a small organisation looking at say how many Jews were living on the Western Isles, but only a hundred responses from Muslim women in Leicester, go on pull the other one, it’s got halal certified bells on

One woman who took part in the study told the Mercury: “People feel free to have a pop at us every day.

They swear, stare, spit and tell us to go home. They call us terrorists.”

Again I say, if you wear a uniform that represents an oppressive ideology, then you can expect all that you get. I have zero sympathy here, there is a way of resolving this which is to these Muslimahs to step forward a few centuries and abandon the Niqab and garments like it. Not surprised for one bit that these Niqabi’s are being called terrorists, because they are the visual symbol of a much despised and violent ideology.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “There are areas in Leicester we don’t go to, even in a car.

I don’t want to see the Niqab ANYWHERE in Britain, not even in a car and I certainly don’t want to see it in bar, because that would mean it’s probably ‘boom-boom’ time for my local suicide bomber.

It is also becoming more difficult to wear the niqab in the city centre. I don’t go in any more unless I really have to.”

Good. You can either stay home of bugger off to a country that likes its women to look like chattels and slaves. I’m glad you are feeling discomforted at hostility to the Niqab, because now you are getting some inkling of what it is like to be at the receiving end of the sort of Islam inspired hatred that of which the rest of us are seeing all too much.

A niqab is a veil which covers part or most of the wearer’s face, leaving the eyes visible.

A niqab is a symbol of misogyny, of enslavement and of dehumanisation.

The woman added: “I am as British as anyone. We follow the football and the tennis at home. My boys try to make a joke of it calling me ‘Ninja mum’.

You’ve chosen to disregard an important part of what it means to be British and that is that hiding the face in public like this is unacceptable. It is threatening and impolite. The niqab and what it represents should rightly not be tolerated. You’ve shown your loyalty is not with Britain or its people or its values, by donning such a garment.

We had thought that if we ignore it, it would go away. It hasn’t.”

Why should people ignore the wrongness of this garment and all it represents. If a lunatic can be barred from his local supermarket for wearing a WWII German uniform to go shopping in, why should those who wear the Niqab not be treated with similar opprobrium?

The book was written by Dr Irene Zempi and Neil Chakraborti.

Dr Zempi wore a niqab for a month to understand what her interviewees experienced.

Attitudes to me changed over night,” she said. “People were abusive and threatening, and where previously shop assistants were friendly, they simply ignored me.

I did not want to go out and I became depressed.”

Dr Zempi, if you care anything at all for the rights of women to be free agents, to have and know their own minds, to control their fertility, to participate in and contribute to society, then your place is not to throw up your hands and go ‘oh the humanity, oh the Islamophobia’, Your place is to fight against the Niqab and similar afflictions and to free women from their imprisonment within them. I would ask ‘have you considered why this garment is so despised’ but I fear that not only would you not listen, but that the results of this survey may have been somewhat predetermined at its out set. If you are being paid to find and report on ‘Islamophobia’ then it is natural that Islamophobia is what you would find. I bet there is no money or research time for surveys of this sort that return the result ‘no problem here guv’nor’. You should have been depressed not at the adverse verbal abuse you got when you donned the niqab, but the fact that too many women in this world are imprisoned in these disgusting garments.

She added: “The level of abuse that participants faced depended upon whether they were in their local community or whether they were leaving their ‘comfort zone’.

Some participants referred to ‘no-go zones’ for Muslims in Leicester such as the traditionally white areas of Braunstone, Beaumont Leys, Saffron Lane, New Parks, Hamilton and even Leicester city centre.”

The people in these areas may have seen the problems that Islam has brought to other areas of not just Leicester but in other parts of the country. It is understandable therefore that there would be hostility to the symbols of Islam. These women are not being harassed because of the colour of their skin, but the content of their ideology.

Many of the women interviewed said they had moved to the city in the belief that Leicester would provide a better life for them and their families.

However, one woman said she had tea thrown at her and another said she was elbowed in the stomach when pregnant.

Hang on, now this rings a bell, not the ‘tea’ story, but the ‘preganant woman’ one. I’ve heard this self same story from quite a few different sources now, one told to me personally from a known unreliable Islamic liar from a town on the Welsh borders, once from the news feed of an Islamic group, several lefties and now here. The story is always the same or similar, the ‘attack’ always in a street, never any witnesses, always involving a pregnant Muslimah. Sometimes this story is spiced up with the additional ‘fact’ of ‘and she miscarried’. When I have searched for such stories I’ve found very little to confirm individual stories. I’m tempted to call ‘bullshit’ on this one, mainly because of its similarity to other stories like it. Either there is a rash of people poking fecund Muslimahs in the belly or there is some exaggerating going on.

A 36-year-old quoted in the book said: “It is worse elsewhere, but there are racist people even in Leicester.

We moved to Leicester because it’s a safer community here. It’s better for our children as well. Leicester is more tolerant, but there is still Islamophobia.”

You could always help your children by getting rid of the pile of 7th century savage junk called Islam. Take up another religion, if you must, become a Roman Catholic or a Jew or even a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. People hate Islam for often good reasons, it’s not an irrational dislike, it is a rational dislike of what Islam does to countries, regions, towns and individuals.

Another woman, who moved to Leicester from Holland, says in the book: “We are a bit more sheltered here, but no matter how diverse a place is, it’s always going to happen.”

Erm…why are we importing Muslims from Holland? Do we have a shortage of dole bludgers and serial complainers or something?

Another added: “I don’t understand why everyone says Leicester is safe. It’s much easier to do niqab in Birmingham.”

It’s even easier to do Niqab in Bangladesh or Pakistan where you can truly live out your dream of being considered as having less worth than a goat. This woman says that Leicester is unsafe, well I wonder how safe parts of Leicester are for non-Muslims? I bet that people running the gauntlet of Muslim thugs get worse than a few hostile words or prods.

Shaista Gohir, chair of the Muslim Women’s Network UK, who studied at De Montfort University, said: “I would urge women to report all incidents of abuse. I am sure that there is underreporting of such issues.

I wonder who is paying Ms Gohir’s wages? I bet it’s the taxpayer or the National Lottery. Wherever her dosh is coming from it’s probably coming in some way from you. It’s a nice non job if you can get it I suppose?

When I was a student in Leicester 25 years ago we were told to avoid those areas which have been mentioned if we had a brown skin. The veil and the head scarf were very rare then.

It appears that attitudes in those areas have not changed.”

It is quite obvious to me that the areas where people are showing hostility to the symbols of Islam are not making a judgement on grounds of race, but on ideology. This is a blatant attempt by Ms Gohir to conflate open dislike of the ideology of Islam, which is mutable, with race which is immutable.

A police spokeswoman said there had been 11 instances of religiously-based abuse aimed at women in the past year. There had also been one incident of a man removing a woman’s veil.

Is that all? This police spokeswoman should forward her religiously-based abuse cases to the Tell Mama organisation which will miraculously, and accompanied only by a very loud whine, turn them into 22, 75 or even a hundred or so cases. It is a miracle of assexual reproductive binary fission that occurs with hate crime figures at Tell Mama, it really is.

She said: “Police safer neighbourhood teams are continuing to work hard at making all places of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland a safe place to work and live.

Soporific and plainly transparent bullshit, Ms Police spokeswoman. 

We would always encourage anyone who feels that they may have been a victim of a crime to contact police so the matter can be fully investigated.

We would urge all victims of hate crime to report it to us by calling 101.”

Here, I’ll correct the spokeswoman’s statement for her. ‘We always take every call seriously but we take complaints about being abused by those wearing the Black Cloak of Death far more seriously than those attacked by or injured by Islamic attackers’

This whole Leicester Mercury story just stinks. It just bubbles with false victimhood claiming and the arrogant but incorrect assumptions of both third sector parasites and the third rate academic ones. Why should we trust figures and other data put out by those who have a vested interest in finding the very ‘problems’ that they are paid to find?

There are a growing number of areas where gay people are not safe, where non Muslim women are not safe, where Muslim street gangs terrorise young non-Muslim men. There are dangerous Muslim gangs operating in our prisons and gang rapes almost beyond count. This is what these criminologists should have been studying and trying to stop. Why not help those who are the victims of Islam and not those who, often by their own choice, quite rightly get abuse for identifying with an ideology that is a threat to many of the rest of us.

This isn’t a news story, this is self serving propagandist bullshit from a bunch of Islam promoters and appeasers. The people who criticised the niqabi wearers are not in the wrong, it’s those who choose to wear this garment who are in error. 

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  1. The niqab is worn to stop lustfull leers of British men,excuse me ,but just by wearing that you are classing me as a pervert,in Pakistan that maybe the case but here I bet percentage wise, most perverts are Muslim.

  2. The carnage of 7/7 vs an (alleged) elbow to the stomach. Truly, the Muslims are the victims.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 11, 2014 at 8:58 am |

      I bet almost everyone in this sorry tale is publicly funded in some way. From the academics who run the survey, to the whining ‘charity’ right down the the individual Muslimahs themselves.

  3. Anonymous Coward | July 13, 2014 at 7:46 pm |

    If I have to live in Leicester now I know where to live

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 13, 2014 at 8:02 pm |

      It is a good guide to the areas that are least afflicted by Bearded Savagery.

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