Islam, the playground bully that cries when it gets hit back.

It’s time to drain the terrorist swamp of Gaza, and take back the land from the ungrateful and violent Islamic savages it was unwisely gifted to.

Yesterday I reported on a bunch of Muslims in Leicester who were moaning about being victimised because they chose to wear a garment that many Britons find offensive and frightening. It was a classic example of how Muslims claim false victimhood.

On our news channels and on the internet we are seeing this policy of Islamic bullying and then the bare faced cheek of Muslims claiming that they are being unjustly retaliated against. I’m talking about the retaliation by Israel against Islamic groups who have been engaging in rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Israel has a right to defend itself, just as Britain had a right to defend itself against aggressors in the past. For years now, Islamic groups have used Gaza as a launch pad for missiles that have fallen on many different Israeli towns and cities and for years Israel has had a defensive policy with regards to Gazan missiles. The Israelis have developed missile defence technology and has gone out of its way to try to target those missile launching sites where the chances of civilian collateral damage was least likely.

The Muslims of Gaza responded to this staying of the hand by using children as human shields for missile launching sites. Knowing that no humane soldier would want to let loose a missile or a bomb on a school or a place of worship or a hospital, the animals of Hamas have taken to using such places as weapon stores and launch platforms. It is the duty of any responsible government when there is conflict to protect those who are most vulnerable. This Hamas have failed to do. They have put children and women and those least fit or able to fight, into the front line. It is Hamas and not the Israelis who have created a situation in which there are no civilians in Gaza. The Arabs of Gaza were given a choice in what sort of government would represent them and they had in their own hands the means, in the form of votes, to elect peacemakers and not those who would behave in a belligerent manner. Sadly, as we all know by now they chose the belligerent, violent fraggles of Hamas. The Arabs of Gaza had the means to help to bring about peace but they failed to use it.

The actions of the Gazan Arabs are very similar to that observed by the Muslimah’s of Leicester. They have created a problem by their own actions, and then cry loudly and often, when those who they have offended, insulted and attacked, fight back.

This is a wonderful animation that I got via the Bare Naked Islam website and shows this sort of false victimhood claiming in action.

What we see in Gaza is the politics of the playground turned into a lethal tragedy. The terror supporting swamp of Gaza needs to be thoroughly drained, but it would never have been needed to be drained had the Gazan Arabs chosen a different path, a more peaceful path.

With the aggression from Gaza, that has occurred over many years now, Israel has put up with what many nations would not have tolerated. Would Britain tolerate the Channel Islanders for example making threats to kill Britons or launching rockets at Southampton or Portsmouth? Of course we would not. I’m a supporter of peace between Arab and Israeli, but peace can never come unless the Arabs cease to choose death for both themselves and their children, and instead choose life, peace and cooperation.

In 2005 the Arabs were offered ‘land for peace’ but took the land and gave no peace to the Israelis who just wish to live unmolested and in peace with their neighbours. The Arabs chose Hamas and must therefore live with, and sadly die by, the violence that Hamas has brought to them.

The Gazan Arabs are in no place to moan about what has happened to them, their families and to Gaza itself.

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  1. I get what your saying, however I don’t think the Channel Island analogy is the correct one. The fact is that we did put up with Irish terrorist attacks which killed hundreds of Civilians, Police Officers and Soldiers without launching air strikes on West Belfast or Londonderry. In fact, huge whining was heard from the US any time some IRA gunman got their just desserts.

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