Why are the BBC still giving airtime to this whining porkie pie seller?

Fiyaz Mughal of the Tell Mama group

I was not surprised but very disappointed to see the BBC are still giving airtime and bandwidth to Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama organisation. Although of course I agree with his statement that it was wrong for the terrorist group ISIS/ISIL to kidnap humanitarian aid workers and butcher them, couldn’t the BBC have found someone more credible than Fiyaz Mughal to speak on their news bulletin? For those who do not know, Mughal’s Tell Mama group has a very chequered reputation when it comes to the accuracy, and indeed honesty, of its ‘hate crime’ figures. It is tempting to believe that the BBC has agreed a ‘bulk buy purchase’ with Fiyaz ‘will turn out for a tenner’ Mughal which could be why we see him on our screens so much.

Mughal’s appearance was in connection with a BBC story on the growing anger about the revelations of Muslims being involved in mass rapes up and down the country and specifically in Rotherham. As could be expected from the BBC these days, they attempted to categorise ALL objections to the ideology of Islam and anger about Islamic crimes as ‘far right activity’. It is stretching the definition of the term ‘far right’ considerably to say that all those who are angry at both the mass rapes by Muslims and the subsequent cover-up of the offences are ‘far right’. In the visuals accompanying the story, the BBC used a banner by some group whose name I didn’t catch, who did appear to be racialising the issue of mass Islamic rapes, at least that was my impression from as much of the content of their banner as I saw on the broadcast.

The BBC news website was just as bad, it gave quite a lot of space to Tell Mama’s claims that there has been another ‘backlash’ against Muslims, although the BBC may be waking up to the fact that there are problems with Tell Mama’s claimed figures, since they referred to them as ‘anecdotal’.

The BBC website said:

“Data compiled by Tell Mama UK, which monitors anti-Islamic hatred, reflects fears that the actions of IS are provoking Islamophobia in the UK.

In August it received 219 reports of abusive incidents targeted at Muslims in England – the same month as the IS beheading of US journalist James Foley.

This was almost double the 112 incidents recorded in January, though the organisation stresses its figures only show a glimpse of the full picture, with many victims of racial hate crime afraid to report abuse.

Even though Tell Mama UK’s data was collected anecdotally – the Muslim Council of Britain supports its claim that there has been an escalation in violence against individuals.

The findings of an inquiry into child sex abuse in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 are also a cause of increased hate crime towards Muslims, Tell Mama UK suggests.

The report, commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council, found at least 1,400 children were sexually exploited by criminal gangs predominantly of Pakistani heritage.

In August, when it was made public, over a quarter of anti-Muslim hate crimes (58) recorded by Tell Mama UK were said to be provoked by the scandal.”

So what did Tell Mama expect to happen, when not only are Islamic groups butchering innocent people in the Middle East, killing British aid workers but Muslims have also been shown to be involved in a growing number of mass rape cases? Did he expect that the British people would just shrug their shoulders and stay quiet in the face of such events? Nobody wants mob violence, least of all me, but it is inconceivable that there would not be a show of anger over thousands and thousands of children and young people being raped, sexually assaulted and tortured, by those whose ideology encourages them to believe that they have a right to rape non-Muslims and whose prohibition on paedophilia is, to say the least, flexible.

The BBC has become an entity that has become shamefully dishonest when it comes to the subject of Islam. This story will anger many, especially as this dishonest bunk and pandering to Islam is being paid for by those who pay for a Television Licence.


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  1. It isn’t true that nobody wants mob violence.

    Most of us would like another way but I don’t see any of the other ways working so what else is there?

    It seems we just have to shut up and ignore it. That policy doesn’t work so well though.

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