Maybe it’s time for the police to help us, the public, with our enquiries? Why not try to get this plod to help you with your enquiry?

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin of South Yorkshire Police. Would you buy a used neighbourhood policing policy from this man?

The accountability of South Yorkshire Police’s Rotherham district officers seems to be growing less and less by the day. Members of the public who are contacting Rotherham police officer Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin via Twitter to ask why there was a discrepancy in how they treated one allegation against the singer Cliff Richard, and how they treat the Islamic Rape Gangs in Rotherham, are allegedly finding that their tweets are being blocked by Chief Superintendent Harwin.

For one vague allegation against Cliff Richard, dating from 1985, South Yorkshire Police bombed down South mob-handed in order to search a house that Mr Richard didn’t even own at the time when the alleged offence took place. However, when it comes to the Islamic Rape Gangs that are still raping, abusing and torturing non-Muslim children and young women in Rotherham, South Yorkshire Police are seemingly not bothered. The police in Rotherham must know, or at least suspect, the identities of those who make up these Islamic Rape Gangs and their locations. The question needs to be asked why the Rotherham Police are not kicking in the doors of these rape suspects and bringing them to trial. Since the revelation that Muslims had raped 1,400 non-Muslim children and young women, there have been no less than 25 additional allegations of sexual exploitation by Islamic Rape Gangs.

Why is there little or no action on this matter by South Yorkshire Police? I can understand a lack of visible action if a sexual exploitation case was in its really early stages, and the police were dealing with a very frightened victim, who may be worried about retribution from the rape gang. However these are not very new cases, these Islamic Rape Gangs have been operating for at least 14 years. I cannot believe that all of these cases are in the early stages of investigation. What are the police there doing? Are they hoping that the public’s attention will turn away from Rotherham and the police can get back to their normal existence acting as motoring revenue enforcers and jumped up glorified diversity officers?

Well, I have some news for Chief Superintendent Harwin and the rest of the sorry excuses for police officers under his command. This matter is NOT going to go away, for a police force to sit on their hands and allow Islamic Rape Gangs to clock up a four figure victim count and only bring a few of these savages to justice is inexcusable. The public, who I would like to remind Chief Supt Harwin, pay our police officers very handsomely indeed expect a proper policing service, untainted by the effects of corruption or political correctness.

The proritisation of different crimes is a legitimate question for the public to ask of our police officers and for Chief Supt Harwin to block Twitter communications from those who are asking about those policing priorities is arrogant in the extreme.

Chief Supt Jason Harwin should not be allowed to forget what has happened, and continues to happen on his patch. We the people should continually contact him on this matter and politely remind him what Islamic Rape Gangs have done to Rotherham and ask why so much effort was put into the Cliff Richard allegation but virtually no effort has been put into tracking down the Islamic Rape Gangs?

I would most strongly urge all my readers to contact Chief Supt Harwin, by any means necessary, to demand action and accountability. I will be sending him a copy of this blog post in order to inform him that many of us are still angry, and still want our police forces to do some proper policing for a change.

Chief Superintendent Harwin joined South Yorkshire police in 1992, and he has been connected to this force for 30 years. Therefore there is zero excuse for him not knowing what has been going on in Rotherham as regards Islamic Rape Gangs. I note that Chief Supt Harwin is a firearms officer for South Yorkshire Police. If he can be around the North and North East in a police capacity for 3 decades, and not be aware of thousands of girls being raped, then personally I’m not sure that I would trust such a person with a firearm, in fact, I probably wouldn’t trust him to sit the right way round on a toilet seat.

If you want to contact Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin and politely tell him what you think of his blocking of communicaitons from concerned members of the public, and the general situation in Rotherham, then these are the methods which you can use.

Twitter @ChSuptjharwin

Email: Unfortunately South Yorkshire Police seem to be very shy when it comes to publishing email addresses, I can’t think why can you? It might be worth a punt to add Chief Supt Harwin’s name to the SYP address like so:

I’ve tried this one and didn’t get a bounce-back so it may well be a working email address. If you want to see my email to Chief Supt Harwin below his Biography below.

Postal Address:

Police House

Barrowfield Ln,



South Yorkshire

S62 7TP

Telephone: Main SYP switchboard (ask for Supt Jason Harwin)

0114 2196905

You might also like to consider calling the police’s 101 number, if you are a Rotherham resident and report that there have been 1,400 sex attacks in Rotherham for which the suspects have not yet been apprehended. .

Bio of Chief Supt Harwin

“I am delighted to return to Rotherham as the District Commander and look forward to building on the success of the district in keeping the public safe.”

“I return to Rotherham having led the Yorkshire and Humber response to the Olympic Torch. Whilst challenging, the feedback from the public has been superb and this operation provides real regional opportunities for the future.”

“In terms of my career in South Yorkshire Police, I joined in December 1992, serving at Ecclesfield before joining the Task Force, where I was a firearms officer and a member of the public order training team.”

“From there I was promoted to Sergeant and went to Woodseats as a response Sergeant. I was then seconded to work with the Senior Command Team on the Open all hours project, which was the catalyst for the Community Service Teams and our Neighbourhood Policing structures.”

“I was promoted to Inspector in 2004 and went to Barnsley as the SNA Inspector for Royston and Cudworth. From there I went into Personnel as the lead for SPP, HPDS and general career development and from there i was promoted to Chief Inspector and made my first appearance at Rotherham having responsibility for Ops and the Safer Neighbourhoods.”

“As Superintendent I led the Force Mobile Information Programme and then the Diamond Programme.”

“Whilst the service faces many challenges, I love coming to work. It is still one of the jobs that you

Fahrenheit 211 email to Chief Superintendent Harwin

Dear Chief Superintendent Harwin,

You seem to be a little shy about publicising your email address so I hope this address works.

There is growing public concern about how the police in Rotherham have handled the recent, and ongoing Islamic Grooming Gang cases.

Many people are attempting to ask you, via Twitter the following question:

Why did South Yorkshire Police go so overboard on the operation to search the home of Mr Cliff Richard but appear to be doing very little to sort out the problems with Islamic Grooming Gangs that quite frankly infest your policing area.

I would be grateful if you could provide me, and my readers, with a coherent answer.

Best Regards

Editor Fahrenheit211

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  1. It’s a shame because until the age of 40, I genuinely believed that the police were decent, honest, and free from political control. I now realise that this is no longer true. Channel 4 had a doc named Secret Mosque, which showed islamic extremism being preached at Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham. The West Midlands Police response was to charge the program makers, which cost the Birmingham rate payers a small fortune when Channel 4 was awarded cost cost against the police.

    • Fahrenheit211 | September 21, 2014 at 6:35 am |

      Hi Andrew, that was very much my point of view as well. What is utterly laughable and very sad is that during the Miners Strike of the 1980’s the Left was very vocal about making allegationsthat the police had a pro-conservative bias. However, when you compare the situation then to the situation now, it is plain to see that today’s police are far more politically bent towards Lefstism/Islam than ever they were pro-conservative. The Left have deeply corrupted our police forces tothe extent that they are only slightly less trusted than itinerant tarmac salesmen.

      As someone who wishes to see a political solution to the problems of Islam in Britain this corruption of our police forces is very worrying. This is because if the ordinary person who is angry about the rapes, crime, terror and sedition that has been brought to Britain by Islam, feels that the police are not going to defendthe country against such wrongs, then the sort of street violence that I have long warned against may occur.

      As regards West Midlands Police, if you do a search on F211 you will see that WMP has a very murky reputation where Islam is concerned. It has earned itself the shameful accolade of being one of the most Shariah-freindly police forces in the UK. WMP has invited dodgy groups to act as third party hate crime reporters, has been criticised for allowing Muslims to police their own communities which has meant that serious crime has not been reported to the police and has attempted to use the criminal courts to silence someone who criticised a particular Islamic group. WMP is a force that has ben well and truly ‘bought’ and there needs to be a complete clearout of WMP senior management and a force-wide rooting out of political correctness. The Muslims will whine about this but so what. Our police need to be made (mostly) honest again.

  2. “…finding that their tweets are being blocked by Chief Superintendent Harwin.”

    An Inspector Gadget clone ‘working’ in an environment where colluding plod block/alter observations from honest citizens.
    Do the Wright thing, Harwin.

  3. With reference to Rotherham part of it was down to snobbery, that some of the girls were already known to the police and social services, i.e. were considered ‘bad girls’. Combine this with a don’t annoy the Islamics attitude and you get a drugged and drunk young girl being considered the criminal, note that she was with men who were in control. Any decent man, would be ensuring that the girl was got home pdq, how come it didn’t cross Rotherham’s finest that that should have been what the ‘Asian’ gentlemen should have been doing.

    In the 80’s I too thought that the police were pro-Tory and to quote a line from a Radio 4 play about iirc the Westlands affair the civil service was the ‘evangelical branch of the Conservative Party’. In retrospect I am appalled at how wrong I was. It now appears that the public servants have nothing but open contempt for the poor and the vulnerable, those who need them most but care more about ‘encouraging diversity’ and ‘rainbow England’ initiatives.

    There was a study done by a Texan university, the basis of which was that if you allow a group to set up its own equality code which follows set norms, it will then act in a most prejudiced manner because it believes that by setting up its policy it has shown its moral credentials. Hence the group of MBA students in the team which set up an equality policy in their group acted in a more prejudiced and exclusive group than the other who did not. Interestingly enough the ‘did not group’ acted with equanimity and decency in their dealings.

  4. ” Our police need to be made (mostly) honest again.”

    I challenge your inference of a once-honest status. More accurate to state that plod were once respected out of ignorance.

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