On the reported arrest of Anjem Choudary

JIhadist preacher Anjem Choudary (picture from Daily Mail)

According to reports from Sky News and the Press Association, radical jihadist preacher Anjem Choudary has been arrested along with 8 others for terrorism offences. This is an arrest that has been called for by many people for a long, long time.

It probably would not be wise, for reasons of sub-judice, to speculate too much on the reasons for this particular arrest, nobody sensible would want to see this bastard walk because his trial was compromised by careless talk. However, it is perfectly right and proper to be angry about the double-standard in law enforcement that has seen Choudary and his band of bearded dangerous mental patients able to freely promote sedition against the UK and hatred for non-Muslims. Choudary and those like him seem to have a free pass that allows them to use words and behave in ways that would be subject to legal or police action, if a non-Muslim group did the same.

For too long our police and judicial system has gone far too easy on Muslims who commit crimes, call for the destruction of the nation or who have associates who have brought Jihad to our streets.

They’ve been allowed to almost get away with murder. If we consider ourselves informed then we have all seen the unfolding of the Islamic Rape Gang scandals, which have claimed thousands of victims, or seen pictures of one of the murderers of Drummer Lee Rigby at various pro-Jihad demonstrations. We’ve also seen some appalling miscarriages of justice such as that of the Muslim poppy burner who got far lesser sentence than did those non-Muslims who merely put a piece of bacon on a mosque door.

The constant sight of Choudary and his crew being allowed to walk the streets for so long whilst openly professing hatred for this country, its people and its values, is a stark indication of how bad the double-standard has become. The preferential treatment Muslims have had from the police and the legal system has caused to to grow amongst the general population a sense of cynicism about justice. It is not good for such cynicism to grow because it is an indication that Britain’s ruling classes have neglected one of the basic functions of a state, which is to have effective and just systems of law and order that keeps the citizen safe. I’m trying myself to force down the bile of cynicism about these recent arrests, but it’s difficult not to contemplate an unsatisfactory disposal of cases like these. It’s pretty obvious to many that the more a society panders to Islam, the less justice there is in that society. A justice system that has been sold to the followers of Islam, is justice denied to the rest of us.

‘Justice, justice is all that you shall pursue’ says the Biblical book of Deuteronomy, which is as good a basis as any for a legal system. But if the police, legal and justice systems continue to pander to Islam, then that perverts that commandment, and over time will have devastating effects, not just on our systems for dealing with crime and meting out punishment, but on British society as a whole.


Sky News on Choudary arrest