On the murder of Alan Hemming by Islamic savages.

Remember Alan Henning like this, and not as the savages of ISIS would like him to be remembered.

As many of us expected, the aid worker Alan Henning has been murdered in the most appalling way by the Islamic savages of ISIS. The life of a man whose only ‘crime’ was to see a human need, and try to minister to that need, has been taken by the followers of an ideology that is as bloodthirsty now, as it was when the base and false ‘prophet’ Mohammed brought violence to the Arabian peninsular in the 7th century CE. Islam is not peace, no matter how much secular and religious liberals may wish it to be.

Alan Henning was a good man, a man by all accounts infused with a great love of all humanity and driven by a need to do something about the appalling situation for refugees in Syria, that should never ever be forgotten. However he may have been foolish if he believed that his status as an aid worker, and a friend to Muslims, would protect him in some way from harm by Muslims of a more violent kind. He and those who worked with him forgot that when it comes to the Koranic literalists of ISIS, there is no such thing as a good kuffar. To the minds of the ISIS savages, humanity is divided into two parts, Muslims and kuffar. You should no more expect reasonableness and justice in those areas where Jihadist thugs have influence than you could have expected the same from the inhabitants of Nuremburg at the time of the ascendancy of Adolf Hitler.

Alan Henning did the right things, he saw a human need, was moved by it, and did what he could to help. But he tried to help out in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got sucked into helping out in Syria by listening to the tales of disaster and woe from the Syrian conflict. These tales were not only put out by the mass media, but were also put out by Mr Henning’s Muslim friends. Some of these friends travelled with him to Syria and were also captured by Islamic jihadists along with Mr Henning. These Muslim fellow travellers were released by the Jihadi savages, because they were Muslim, but they kept hold of Mr Henning, knowing his value as a propaganda tool, for instilling terror on others worldwide.

I would hope that the Security Services are questioning closely some of Mr Henning’s Islamic compatriots in charity so that as much information about the circumstances of his capture can be garnered. The Security Services, police and Charity Commission should also look into the background, operation and personnel behind the particular charitable operation that Mr Henning got involved with to see if all was completely above board about it. There have been so many Islamic charities that have been shown to be dodgy that it would be remiss not to turn a critical eye on the one that took Mr Henning to Syria.

There is a lesson to be learned from the appalling murder of Alan Henning and that is that it is both foolish and deadly to involve oneself in trying to help individual innocent Muslims in conflict zones where groups of Islamic savages are fighting. The best way to help those in these regions who are innocent but have the misfortune to be born into a Muslim culture is to recognise that the majority of paths in Islam are violent and fight that ideology by any political, social and military means necessary.

I cannot help thinking that if Mr Henning had looked beyond the Islamic world he would have seen a whole host of ills that needed challenging. Equally importantly, if he’d done that he may still be alive today. If he wanted to take part in the repair of the hurts of the world, then there were other non-Muslim causes for which he could have used his considerable talents for helping people.

If Mr Henning wanted to help people overseas then he sadly could have had a multitude of choices, he could have: Raised money for school equipment for schools in the favellas of Rio De Janeiro, or taken water borehole equipment or medicines to Africa. He could even have done something to help those who are still suffering from the effects of their countries being former Cold War battlefields in places like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. He could have even suited up and helped to cremate the growing number of bodies created by the current Ebola epidemic in West Africa. There are so many ways and places where and which both the world and humanity itself is hurt, and that this kind and generous man could have helped to heal. Alan Henning’s first fatal mistake was to choose to assist Muslims who follow an ideology that has so often over history, proved itself to have a highly aggressive core, and is too often utterly faithless and ruthless in its dealings with non-Muslims. His second fatal mistake was to believe the guff about the inherent peacefulness of the ideology of Islam. Although even I will admit that there are paths within Islam that are peaceful and which have genuinely re-interpreted the word ‘jihad’ to mean internal struggle, these paths are not those that the majority of Muslims follow, nor which are dominant in Islamic theological thought. That this great humanitarian soul is no longer with us is purely because Islam is a violent and backward ideology that often deserves nothing but contempt.

Alan Henning didn’t deserve to die, just for picking the wrong choice of humanitarian activity. His desire to do good, make peace and be kind and courteous in his words, should be lauded, but never again should British humanitarians put themselves in the firing line by taking part in futile attempts to help Muslims trapped in Islamic conflict zones. Help the non-Muslims in these places of course, for they are often in the greatest need, whether that be by military aid, temporary refugee visas, humanitarian and medical assistance or by some other way. However don’t assist those whose ideology tells them to turn on the kuffar when they get the opportunity, even those kuffar which are trying to help.

Let us all remember a truly good man and call for military vengeance on those who either killed him, assisted in killing him or stood by silently while he was killed. We should also hope that the murder of Alan Henning will be the wake up call that many need to show them that the free world is at war with the un-free world of Islam, and that the battlefields are not just in Iraq, Syria or other faraway places, but too often on our own doorsteps. Recognising who and what the enemy is, may be the most positive thing that could come out of the terrible murders of Alan Henning and all the others whose lives have been cut short by Islamic jihadis.

I send my condolences to the family of Alan Henning, hope that his death is avenged, and pray that he is the last Briton who should die in this manner before proper large scale action is taken against Islamic terror and the ideology that underpins it.


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The Bolton News coverage of this story and the comments has an interesting allegation about one of those involved in Mr Henning’s charity that may be worth the authorities looking further into.

Here’s the comment from the current Bolton News story just in case it ‘disappears’.

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Citizen Cane wrote:

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trotter1 wrote:
Where’s the men (all muslim) who took him over there now. Let’s hear from them now shall we?

Where are they? Where abouts are they? seriously !

The lead man was named on here wasn’t he?

And later arrested for something more nefarious – that’s the man we need to hear from………

kasim Jameel

The charity commission has concerns about some of the charitable activities run by a Kasim Jameel. He has studiously avoided any condemnation of ISIS – perhaps in a naïve attempt not to inflame the situation. Well, now he can stand up and be counted. Condemn ISIS Mr Jameel, won’t you?

Indeed, they were all safe as houses when driving over the border with a fooking stick-out-like-a-sor
e-thumb westerner with them weren’t they ?

How can I explain to my (very naïve, but always inquisitive) 9 year old daughter that there are folk wanting to remove our heads for being friendly (and coincidentally Christian) ?

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