The aggressive ethos of Islam shows its face again

A smashed church in Syria

This time in Syria, next time where else?

The Atlas Shrugs site has a video of a Syrian jihadist stating how in the new Islamic Syria there will be no room for any religion other than Islam. He then smashes a statue of the Virgin Mary that had been captured from a church.

View the video via the link below.

This is the famous Islamic tolerance of other religions that we all keep getting told about by politicians and the ‘useful idiots’ of the ‘diversity’ movement.

This is the face of the Wahhabi strain of Islam which is paying for the building of mosques and madrassas throughout the world, the Wahabbism that is incompatible with concepts of freedom and justice.

Whatever happened to the Koranic instruction ‘let there be no compulsion in religion‘? Oh that’s it I remember now, it was abrogated like all the other more humane stuff in that book.

The smashing of the statue of the Virgin Mary is an act of hatred, the like of which we are seeing far too often in the world today. Are you going to stand up to that hatred, or are you going to ignore it or excuse it?