From generation to generation, the Labour party and socialist teachers have failed our children.

The Labour Party and the left-aligned teaching profession have failed our children. They’ve failed them not just in one generation but in many. From the disastrous experiment with progressive ‘child-centred’ education that was kicked off by the Plowden Report in the late 1960’s, through cabinet minister Tony Crossland’s alleged statement that: If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to destroy every fucking grammar school in England. And Wales and Northern Ireland”, even though Grammar schools had been a way out of poverty for bright working class youngsters. Fast forward to the Blair/Brown era, and it is plain to see that Labour have proved themselves incompetent when it comes to education. A generation of parents who had been poorly educated in the 1970’s when the effects of Plowdenism started to bite, begat a generation that too often were educated during the mid 80’s when the far-Left dominated the teaching profession. They in turn gave birth to the children of the early 21st century who were educated in a system that had been further debased by the Blair and Brown governments.

Intellectual vigour has been all but expunged from the sort of schools to which the majority of parents are forced to send their children. Because these parents have themselves been educated in crummy schools, devoid of effective teaching and riddled with leftist propaganda, many of them now do not even know what good education is and cannot tell the difference between quality education and bad education. The Government and educationalists have had to bring in a pre-school ‘nappy curriculum’ to try to make up for the fact that progressive educational policies have robbed the parents of the current generation of children of the ability to give their children the basic educational building blocks that they so desperately need. It is difficult not to come to the conclusion that generation after generation of Labour policies and leftist educationalists have ruined the lives of uncountable numbers of children.

This article from the Daily Mail gives some idea of the extent of the malaise in Britain’s education system.

The Daily Mail said:

The figures show that just 59 per cent of boys can write a simple sentence or a letter to Father Christmas at the age of five against three-quarters of girls.

Just 68 per cent of boys can read simple sentences compared with 80 per cent of their female classmates.

Commenting on the figures, Mr Gyimah said: ‘We know the first few years of a child’s life can be make or break in terms of how well they go on to do at school and beyond.

The statistics published today clearly show that some progress is being made but more must be done to ensure children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are put on the right path.

Parents need to be confident that while their children are out of their care, they’re not only safe, happy and having fun but at the same time developing important skills like playing confidently with their friends, speaking and understanding words, letters and numbers.

The Government has provided new funding through the Early Years Pupil Premium and strengthened qualifications to raise standards. It’s now up to those who support our children to ensure they get the start in life they deserve – something parents and I both want to see.’

Under a ‘nappy curriculum’ for children aged from birth to five, teachers observe youngsters in their care and judge how well they are doing against 17 scales.

They are judged to have reached a ‘good level of development’ if they can show they are attentive in class, can follow detailed instructions, use tenses when speaking and show good control and co-ordination when making large and small movements.

They must also use the toilet and dress independently, be confident to try new activities, know that some behaviour is unacceptable and take turns with others when playing.

In literacy and numeracy, they should be able to read and write simple sentences, count to 20 and use everyday language to talk about size and weight.

The curriculum is meant to prepare youngsters to start compulsory schooling at age five and is followed by primary school reception classes, nurseries and childminders.”

Read the rest of this article here:

Many of those who are described as being from ‘disadvantaged backgrounds’ would be those who have been educated in the content-free, fact-free and discipline-free educational system that has been bequeathed to us by lefty educationalists backed up by the Labour Party. We’ve now got to the situation where the schools have had a large part in creating a society where man really does hand on misery to man. Our lefty educationalists have fashioned a culture where parents are not able to pass on basic skills like toilet training, dressing oneself or writing your own name. This is not only something that we should be ashamed of as a nation but needs remedying most urgently.

Schools will always have some children who are resistant to education, either because they are intellectually retarded in some way, or because their home life is not respectful of education, but these have often been the minority. Now this minority, which should be about 10% – 15% at most (the average world literacy rate is 84%) but it is a growing minority in British schools. What will anger many is that educationalists and politicians have used British children as subjects in a failed social engineering experiment, the result of which is blighted lives, missed chances and the continuation of misery.

Ever since the progressive educationalists got their claws into the education system, standards have been falling. Britain lags behind other nations in educational attainment and the PISA results show that Singapore, Shanghai, Germany and Switzerland are giving their children a much better education than that meted out to children in the UK.

Britain’s schools can no longer be trusted to give a good education. If you are in a position to home-school and have the ability to do so, then that is one option, but if you are part of the majority who are not able to do this, then the only alternative is to be constantly watchful and concerned about your child’s school. Schools and teachers need to be mercilessly hassled about their failures, until such a time that British children get the education that they deserve and when they become responsive to the needs of the children and the desires of parents. The only way to break the cycle of badly educated children growing up to produce another badly educated generation, is to treat the teaching ‘profession’ like the ideologically driven low lifes they have so often proved themselves to be.

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  1. That would be the privately educated Mr Crosland, who was always ashamed of his privileged background.

    The second thing which is so annoying about the poor educational standards is that English is the language of international business. It is used so that neither side can have an advantage by having a contract in the client’s native language. This means that UK educated contracts people are at a premium (I am one). How many potential high earning professionals are being kept back by a poor education system and teachers that have no clue about what can accomplished by someone with a half decent education and some motivation. On my last job the bloke I worked with, who was also a graduate had started out as a labourer and myself a chainman. These idiots do not see that the basics of education are a foundation and that someone from a council estate background (both of us) can achieve a high paying job and professional status.

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